How to set ambitious career goals with examples

How to set ambitious career goals with examples


An ambitious career goal forms a significant part of skills for resume. A career goal is that goal in your career that you are pretty serious about. You want to see yourself succeed in that goal desperately. It is your targeted objective that, when achieved, shapes your life to an altogether different and literally to the next level of life.

To reap fruitful results and design your life the way you aspire, you first need to know where you want to place yourself. Then work towards getting there. Understand that your goals are unique to your thought process, and therefore any just standard career goal template wouldn’t fit your purpose.

Customize your goal journey by narrowing them down towards your philosophies in life. At the very outset, you can set ambitious career goals by setting goals in the SMART way.

S – You need to be SPECIFIC about your goals. Do not have generic goals without defined results in mind.

M – You need to review, validate, and MEASURE your progress from time to time.

A – Set ACHIEVABLE goals. You should carefully reason yourself whether you can practically achieve.

R – Set REALISTIC goals by considering your skills and resource availability.

T – You need to fix a specific TIMELINES within which you would want to reach your goals.

Below you can find examples as to how you can set ambitious career goals in life as an individual. Also, make these goals a part of your skills for resume. And to follow them, you need to first and foremost define your goal, then list down all paths leading towards that goal and finally get yourself into action.

  • Define your next role in your career. You may wish to grow horizontally or vertically. Define yourself where you want to be. Horizontal growth can be just being in the same position but moving to a different department or a different company. Vertical growth can be wanting to get promoted. If you aspire for promotion, clearly define the desired position and set it as a goal. Be specific and refine your skillset accordingly.
  • You would also want to increase your finances. You could choose to negotiate for a hike with your boss, showcasing your talent. You could alternatively reduce your costs and increase your savings. You would also probably want to multiply your money by reinvesting or opting for another source of income. Whatever the desire be, clearly define what you want to do and by what amount you want to increase your finances.
  • You might want to work on-site. Either you perform even better at your present workspace and chase your boss in fulfilling your desire. Or you might negotiate with the client directly and with the on-shore team straight away and seek for opportunities. Or try your luck through some consultancy or some other company that is willing to send you. In all such scenarios, understand clearly where you want to go and what you really want to do going there.
  • You totally want to shift your career from one path to another path. In this situation, you have to tune yourself by learning the desired skills. Incorporate these skills for resume. Know where you want to go and help yourself accordingly. Take help from friends and family. The support from other professionals in this matter would also be of great help to you. Find out ways in which you can collaborate with experts in the new career path you want to fit yourself in.

As an establishment, ambitious career goals examples could be something as stated below.

  • Increase the Net Profit by 10 percent compared to the last quarter or the last financial year.
  • Manpower reduction or downsizing by 3 percent or so, for instance.
  • Winning 5000 more new business account in the coming quarter.
  • Collecting a hundred thousand dollars of bad debts that are likely to be written off.
  • Win 3 nation-level awards more in comparison to the competitors.
  • Increase the portfolio by 30 percent over the existing number.
  • Expand business in the international market. Be specific where you want to stretch to.
  • Ensure that at least 80 percent of the existing employees are trained on the new software, irrespective of whether this piece of the application comes to their use or not.
  • Expand market share by 7 percent before the close of the financial year.
  • Work rigorously in automating all the processes within 3 years from now.
  • Come up with more employee-friendly policies to improve the retention percentage.
  • Merge with another establishment named X or enter into a joint venture with Y and Z.

Finally, you have to be honest at an individual level. You have to be transparent at an organizational level. Express your willingness to bring your strengths to work. Contribute to the growth of self, along with surroundings—partner in progress. Understand very clearly where you want to see yourself a couple of years down the line. Work towards your goals with a structured plan of action in place. Work in collaboration and bridge gaps in expectations, if any—self-reflect upon your abilities and philosophies, both at the individual and organization levels. You will soon drive home your ambitious career goals in life.

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