How to be a good tutor

How to be a good tutor


There is a crucial demand for Tutoring services, especially when schools are not able to give one-on-one attention to their students. As competition gets tougher, students and parents are in constant search for additional help outside schools and colleges.

New and old tutor finder portals offer lucrative job opportunities for good tutors. Home tuition is also in high demand even for High school and college-going students. Even as new learning platforms are developed and released, one-to-one learning opportunities are possible only with a private tutor. Tutors can search and check the latest jobs online by typing “Tutoring Jobs near me” or join directly on the Queryfloor platform.

How to become a good tutor

Tutoring requirements for high school and college students are different from that of younger children. Students at this level are on the brink of joining the workforce and require guidance accordingly. As teenagers, they have no pointers as to how they can apply the course they are studying for the future. Therefore, tuition teachers at these levels should guide students along with the confidence to study further or initiate their careers.

If you are already a tutor or student-teacher planning to take tuition, then here are few guidelines for Effective teaching.

1. Empower Students with confidence

Tutoring jobs are plenty, but the best tutors are motivators, guides, and role models all accumulated in one persona.

a) Make them comfortable

Most students feel embarrassed that they have to take up private tutoring. It is the duty of a tuition teacher to make students comfortable and understand that additional training is normal. Most students would require help especially when educators in schools and colleges cannot give personal attention to each of the 30 students in the class.

b) Be patient and enjoy a good Rapport

Having a student-teacher rapport will help immensely. Gaining the trust of the student should always be your first step. Clarify doubts no matter how trivial they are. This will be your first step in putting the student at ease.

Be available, especially for online tuition jobs, whenever your student is in need of help. It is a fact that with good rapport and personal bonding, students work better and their grades improve! Private Tutors can also collaborate with parents and school teachers to achieve the best results.

c) Start with the Basics

Brushing up the basics is vital. This will provide the students with the significant confidence to carry on further.

2. Analyze students learning style and develop techniques accordingly

Each student has his own learning style. Private teachers can find signs in speech and body language while online tutors should discover through sessions.

Psychologists have found seven different learning styles among students. This applies to even higher grade students. You can check out these learning styles and how they should be handled below:

A.) Visual learning style –

You can make use of pictures, videos, and images to explain concepts

B.) Aural -

You can make use of auditory tapes for such students

C.) Logical -

Use tests of logic and reasoning for these students

D.) Social –

Some students excel in group study. Get other students to mingle with these students for best results

Students may exhibit a single or an amalgamation of these styles. An excellent tutor should be able to understand a student’s learning habit within a few interactions and customize your teaching style accordingly.

3. Make Learning Fun

Make learning fun for your students. Here are some pointers to achieve them:

a) Innovation

Innovate with new ideas to bring freshness. Attention spans increase if a fun element is introduced into learning. Usage of puzzles, quizzes and videos could make your sessions more effective. Some subjects like literature may not be relevant to students in their future. Hence, make learning efficient by reading a heart-wrenching poem or exciting play to make the session fun. Use humor to make your sessions more interactive.

b) Share your experiences

Share any learning techniques or strategies that you have come across during your career. Mind maps, reading aloud, mnemonics, summarizing of lessons, imagery and re-reading are some techniques not usually explained in schools. You can give a brief idea regarding these to the students, and they can adopt what they think is best for them.

c) Multimedia tools

Use of Multimedia especially when you are a home tutor to a group of students is a useful format for expression and communication.

4. Use available recourse

There are many free online tutoring resources available online. These resources can be used as audio or visual aids for the broader approach to the subjects at hand. There are literacy websites, Maths resources, and college planning and exploration resources that can be used to update yourself with the latest techniques.

Home tuition job requires a lot of eye contact and personal interaction. You are on your own and can devise your methods of training.

Online tutoring jobs, personal interaction can be achieved by making a great effort. Tutor services online provide teaching material and aid for effective tutoring.

5. Encourage critical thinking

The aim of education is a practical application. The purpose of education is not only to pass exams but to also gain a profound knowledge of how these facts are used in real life. Therefore, good tutors should encourage students to share and give their opinions on various problems or topics.

Encourage students to do research on topics by giving assignments relevant to the subject in question. This will help students pursuing higher-level school education to be ready for college or University where research becomes vital, and students should ultimately become independent learners.

6. Homework Assessment and Feedback

Homework, assessment, and Feedback are very vital parts of tutoring. Use them regularly in your sessions.

a) Should students be burdened with more homework?

Homework helps you understand how much a student has understood what is taught. It also tells you where the student needs to improve and hence becomes the background preparation of your future sessions. Assignments are usually writing jobs. You can also make students write blogs or create short films to make homework more interesting and interactive.

b) Assessment

Pause procedures convey how much a student has learned from a presentation session. Pause once you have explained a concept. Check if a student has grasped the essence by asking them to summarize what was explained. You can continue further if the point is clear. Else, explain using another technique. If you are teaching a group, make students talk to each other as what has been taught until that moment.

c) Tutor feedback

Your feedback also will help students to gain the confidence necessary to embark on their respective careers. Constructive criticism is always helpful.

Here, it is also essential to enlist feedback from students themselves. High school and college students have their opinion. Use this feedback to save time and resources during the next session.

Homework also reflects how a student presents his work. Give importance to the presentation. If the presentation is shoddy, you can guide them through Spell check, Grammar correcting online tools. Let them learn how to use visuals to make their work look professional.

7. Align with classroom teaching

It is best if the tutor aligns and structures his course with that of what is being taught in the classroom at present. This way, students will understand what is going on in class easily. Also, they get to revise the topic and be ready for the next set of exams.

8. Be a learner yourself

Effective teaching can only be attained if you keep yourself abreast of the latest learning techniques and strategies on the subject you specialize in. This way you will not be found wanting when you’re presented with new challenges in the form of syllabus or students' psyche.

"Effective teaching can only be attained if you keep yourself abreast of the latest learning techniques and strategies on the subject you specialize."

While tutor services give training and marketing support, home tutors are on their own and have to make an additional effort to discover and adopt new resources for equipping themselves. Help is on hand with free online tutoring resources easily accessible.

So, in addition to being an expert, you need to imbibe the above points for being a good tutor. Once done you can check out home tuition opportunities or go for online teaching jobs from home.

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