“Success is no accident. It is hard work, Perseverance, Learning, Studying, Sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
- Pelé

Success is no accident. One can attribute success to so many things around. Things like families, friends, education, work, skills, and talents could all be part of your success. Apart from them, certain core variables constitute the right success equation.

Among them, the first and foremost variable is ‘doing things that you love’. When you do things that you love, you find every positive outcome as a success even if it’s little. There’s no obstacle for you, but only challenges and opportunities.

By Doing What you LIKE, your focus and hard work falls in line automatically. Constant learning and improvisations will become a part of you.

Above all, it will never seem like hard work for you. The process and journey will be enjoyable. Despite the good and bad, your perseverance will shield you against all the odds.

Success needs some sacrifices from you. It takes at least a little. Success will ask you to sacrifice your comfort zone.

Working towards your dreams and goals can make you sleepless and stay awake without a count. Sometimes, success needs you to work at the cost of all the fun things you thought you could do.

The list goes on. But there is no success at the cost of families, friendships, and other good things in life. I like to remind you here.

Finally, do what you like. Do it with the best of your efforts. Success wraps you eventually.

What is the Principle of success?

We all want to be successful in life however it is not very easy to be achieved. There are several things that we will have to forego to get success. Here are the list of seven guaranteed ways to be successful in life.

1. Do what you love to it is important to understand your passion and pursue it with all your energy and resources.

2. Secret has no secret recipe, you will have to work hard to achieve it.

3. Prepare yourself for failure and disappointment. No matter how many times you fail, ensure you remain optimistic and confident in your ability to succeed.

4.“Practice makes a man perfect” meant for women’s too. Keep on practicing and you will succeed one day.

5. Whatever you do, do it with planning.

6. Be honest with yourself,ensure you are hard on yourself. Self-discipline is must, it is impossible to achieve your set goals without that.

7. Avoid comparing yourself with others enjoy your journey to success. Self-love and appreciation is must it can help you achieve the highest level of success.