Major Do's and Don’ts of Goal Setting:

Don’ts of Goal-Setting:

  1. Your goals should not be set to 'negatively' influence yourself and other people around you.

  2. If you are in a higher position in any field like business, education, etc. don’t follow the attitude of “Achieve this goal or you will lose your job”.

  3. Goals shouldn’t degrade people if they couldn’t achieve it.

  4. Don't set goals to please or impress people around you.

  5. Your goals should not favor short-term wins over long-term losses.

  6. Don’t aim to accomplish too many goals.

  7. Your goals should not distract you away from the end-outcome despite a lot of changes in the action plan due to unavoidable circumstances.

  8. Don't set goals out of compulsion.

Do’s of Goal Setting:

  • Your goal should be understandable. This is the first step in setting proper goals in life.

  • Goals should motivate you. When you set a goal, set it out of your inspiration, passion, and interest.

  • Goals should be actionable i.e. your goals should give your ideas to make good plans, take steps, gather necessary resources to achieve it.

  • Goals should be useful to you. You will be motivated to achieve the goals if you find it useful and valuable to you. If not, you will do everything to avoid it starting with procrastination.

  • Goals should be time-bound. Only then, you will know when to start, and when to finish it. Time is important for achieving goals.

  • Ask yourself “Is this what I want?”, “Is this what I want to achieve?” before you set your long-term, middle-term, and life-time goals. Don’t try to copy or imitate your goals based on others. Also, don’t compare yourself with others and set your goals. Different people have different needs in life.

Remember to follow these basic Do's and Dont's to set achievable goals in life.