The different ways of communication can be classified among 5 categories such as


Verbal communication arises when we speak to a person in order to communicate.

  • 2.) NON-VERBAL:

From speaking our eye-contact, facial expression, body language, sighing, attentiveness can communicate our positive or negative approach towards communication.


It includes- Facebook posts, instant messages, a tweet, an email, a letter, and many more. In this era of digitization & technology, it’s essential to learn written communication.

Keep in mind that your sentence construction should be meaningful to the receiver. Else the purpose won’t be fruitful.

  • 4.) VISUAL:
  • Nowadays, we regularly see pictures, videos & advertise on social media. Some of them contain strong social messages, while some are just for fun others are for commercial purposes. The uniqueness of Visual communication is that whatever we see in visual, it stays in our mind for a longer time compared to other forms of communication.
  • 5.) LISTENING:
  • Perhaps the most important way to communicate effectively is to listen carefully first. Unless you are listening to all the response made from your end will be meaningless.