Trust me you can be like one of those people who is your inspiration. Successful people are born like one of us, they are not born with some special power. If they can make things happen so can we, there’s nothing to be feared of. Remember these few things and believe me you can be one amongst successful people.

1. Work hard is the most effective way to get succeed.

2. Be active start learning from everything you see.

3. Trust yourself, you are unique so tell yourself every day that you can do everything.

4. Nobody is perfect, so stop blaming yourself.

5. Don’t repeat your mistakes again learn out of it.

6. Write your dream, prepare yourself for it. No matter what your situation is work hard for your goal.

7. Ask people for their advice, don’t be shy to tell people about your dream. You might end up finding someone as your God amongst human beings.

8. Don’t wait for your fluke you will have to write your story.