6 Concrete ways to Improve your Mental Strength

1. Performance. Not Emotions!

A powerful way to strengthen yourself mentally is to perform better than your emotions. Deliver a consistent level of performance irrespective of what you feel. When emotions interfere, it will affect work quality.

2. Be Thyself!

Be yourself! Don’t change to please others. This pleasing-attitude brings pressure, zero self-acceptance negates your positive self-beliefs, and kills your creativity. Mentally strong people are not people-pleasers.

3. Be Tenacious. Don’t give up easily!

Giving up is easy. But, ‘determination’ and tenacity to ‘keep trying and never easily give up’ makes people successful and mentally powerful.

4. Productive Core-Beliefs!

Choose positivity and productivity over negativity. Align your core-beliefs towards doing things that make you happy and gives the feeling of success. Let your core-beliefs align with a good moral compass. They all make you mentally resilient.

5. Be like a Tree. Let the Dead Leaves Drop – Rumi:

To be like a tree is to be like the Root. Root needs to be nurtured to grow stronger and deeper. And so are you. To nurture mental strength, fight against all the odds. Don’t break easily. Be like a tree that is strong, deep, yet humble. Extend yourself to others like a tree branch. Extend your brain to enhance your knowledge and skills. The negativities of life are like dead leaves. By being strong and humble like a tree, you are automatically dropping all the negatives.

6. Get Defeated to become Victorious:

It’s okay to get defeated. Only then will you know how to play the game and emerge victoriously. Defeats that you face in life are precious and practical lessons that will strengthen you mentally to a core. Don’t worry if you fall. You now know a conscious life-lesson of what to do and what not to do to improve your life.