What is success to me


My friend asked me what success is to me. I looked at the person in front of me while drinking my coffee then bravely answer.

Success is "winning the respect of intelligent people." With a confused face, my friend asked again, "How?"

The first step to gaining respect and success at the same time is Breaking the barriers. Why not start with a pleasant smile and little encouraging words when things are tough. A person who smiles is guaranteed to receive affection. The affection-giver tends to respect someone that has the right attitude.

The second rule is TalkBack no more. This is frequent when a boss reprimands a staff, or a teacher notices the student's unpleasant behavior. Before we badmouthed and talkback, why don't we understand the superior first? Sometimes, we received honest criticism from superiors or somebody who want us to do better. Taking them softly earns admiration from them. When people admire you, respect comes along.

And the third one is to Lend your ears. One quality of a successful individual can listen and hear people's sentiment than through that, you will earn respect from helping them go through their struggles hand in hand.