How to start you day to be successful

Meditation and prayers in the morning can make a great difference on your way to success. Starting your day with prayer is one of the best things. Here are the six steps to start your day with:

1. Practice silence: in place of checking out your phone calls and social media in the morning the wise people choose the silence.

2. Affirmation: say something good about yourself, speak to yourself you are unique and you can do everything.

3. Dream and visualize: think about something you really want to be, imagine yourself in that place. Think about your dream as if it comes true.

4. Exercise: it helps your mind and energy to grow, there are so many other scientific benefits of it.

5. Read some self-improving books: read to yourself something that will make you day and encourage you. Read some about some successful people's stories their thoughts etc.

6. Write: write something that you want to do today, set a target of the day. Writing is the best habit all the successful people have, start maintaining a notebook of yours.