What are some of the uncommon ways to work smarter instead of harder?

1. Collaborate:

Learn to collaborate with people and technology. It’s the recent trend to work smarter. Technology can complement your efforts in whatever you do. Use technology related to your field of interest and work. Get things done faster and smarter.

2. Real Working Hours:

Identify your proper working hours! You know when you will be active, mental-ready, and sharp. Recognizing your real working hours will make you plan better and accomplish work smarter.

3. Few Decisions:

Train yourself to make fewer decisions. It’s the smartest way to work and get things done. Focus on decisions that are important.

4. Learn:

Observe and grasp from people who you think are smarter. See how they work and function. Remember, Smart work is not ‘trickster work’. So, don’t follow people who use short-cuts and twisted tricks to get things done. It can give quick results, but it won’t last.

5. Time:

Math techniques are good examples. If ‘A’ takes five minutes to solve a problem, there is ‘B’ who can solve it in 2 minutes. The reason is, ‘B’ knows nuances and techniques that can cut efforts, time, and brainpower. Saving time can seem uncommon because of a lot of commitments waiting for you. But, if you could tap into timesaving nuances, you can achieve smart work.

6. Focus:

When you clear the background noise, you can hear the music at its best. The same goes here. If you want to be smart in your approaches, leave the background, and focus on what’s important.

7. Trial and Error:

Initially, smart work needs hard work. It’s like rocket needing high thrust initially and on the go not that much. Trial and error is one such technique. There will always be different ways to do tasks faster, time-saving, more efficient without compromising the quality of the work. Work towards this goal.