Top 5 Mindset, Practices and Strategies of Successful CEO’s that increase their Productivity

1. Do what only you can do:

Successful CEOs and entrepreneurs will plan, work, manage, and execute things that only they can do. Concentrating on other things will not be on their agenda. It makes them highly productive and efficient.

2. 80% on Engineering and Design. Remaining 20% on Others:

The meaning is, Top CEOs and Entrepreneurs spend 80% time on:

● Perfecting their products

● Innovating

● Enhancing Customer Experience.

● Innovating Product-Delivery/Product-Usage methods

● Improving User-Experience

● Cost-Effective services/products

● Towards futuristic approaches

● Enhance other Core aspects of the business.

This '80% and 20%' is another reason behind their high productivity as CEOs.

3. Setting Strategies:

CEOs will align the business/organization towards smart strategies. It could be towards achieving a goal, increasing Profit, improving customer base, prototyping a new design, etc.

For Instance: A successful CEO/Entrepreneur will have original strategies to handle their human resources, finances, design, production, management, etc.

Planning and working on smart, innovative, and optimal strategies is an important mindset and practice followed by successful CEOs.

4. Lead the Top Team:

The top boss will closely monitor and work with top teams in the organization. The boss will not hover over all chains of management and micromanage.

Also, Top CEOs will work towards building a Dedicated, Hard-core, and Loyal management team. It's another reason for their high productivity.

5. Good Work Ethics:

They develop excellent work ethics.

They have discipline and routines that are flexible. At the same time, they know when and where to say 'No' to people and situations.

In the end,

An Important Productivity Tip from a Successful CEO is:

“My Biggest Mistake is probably weighing too much on someone’s talent and not someone’s personality. I think it matters whether someone has a Good Heart." - Elon Musk
An Hour A Day To Make Your Life Better in 30 days

Spend 1 Hour a day for Physical-Wellness:

Do Exercising, Walking, Jog, Workouts, etc.

Spend that one hour every day to improving your physical well-being.

In a month, you can see positive changes.

Spend this one hour, preferably in the early morning hours.

Spend 1 Hour every day for Mental-Wellness:

Do things you like. For Ex: read books, listen to music, hobby, go out, meet friends, etc.

An hour daily to refresh yourself is important for mental well-being.

Depending upon your work, spend the hour in any part of the day.

Spend 1 Hour every day for improving your skill-set:

Improve your skills and put your talent to use.

Allocating 1 hour a day for these three important activities for thirty days will show big positive improvements in your life.

Here are a few examples to understand:

If you are a Student/College-Goer’s:

Spend 1 hour every day for studies, learning.

Apart from the time you spend on assignments/projects, with friends or other-tasks, spend one hour daily to learn subjects.

Or, if you don’t feel like studying, you can visit libraries.

Browse the internet related to your subjects. Know about successful people in your field-of-interest and see how they achieved.

Learn about innovations happening in your field-of-interest etc.

Or, try DIYs by browsing the internet related to your subject topics/concepts.

Learn something useful in that 1 hour related to your studies.

If you are a professional:

Spend 1 hour every day to improve your skill-set and talent. It should improve your knowledge-base and build your interpersonal skills.

Spend 1 Hour of full-focus to finish important tasks in your office.

Anyone irrespective of age or occupation can follow this.

Follow this principle. Doing useful things an hour a day for thirty days will improve your life tremendously.

The 90/90/1 Rule to Maximize your Productivity and Efficiency Explained

The 90/90/1 Rule for productivity is given by Robin Sharma, Bestselling Author of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and ‘The 5 AM Club’.

The Author Says:

“For the next 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes of your workday to the one best opportunity in your life. Nothing else. Zero distractions. Just get that project done. Period."

How this productivity technique works?

Before you sit to work, make sure no one disturbs you for the next ninety minutes, i.e., 3 hours.

Kindly let your employees or surroundings know that you have set to work and need Zero-disturbance from them.

Start the task/project/work that you need to do. It could be any work. For Ex: It could be researching, preparing presentations, studying, taking notes, writing codes, designing, etc.

For every sixty minutes, take a short break, say 10 minutes. Brief breaks are important.

Work till the ninety minutes are complete. With total focus and zero distractions, you can achieve more.

Work for 90 Minutes away from social media, news, notifications, Phone-calls, and other distractions.

Follow this same working-style/principle for the next ninety days. You can see maximized productivity and efficiency from you.

The Logic Behind this productivity technique is:

“Devoting at least half-an-hour with tight focus and zero-distractions everyday towards your passion project/work-to-do/task-to-do is proven to be giving highly productive results".
The author suggests that, When you Hardwire this 90/90/1 rule, it becomes a Neuro-Hack for productivity. The brain uses this style for increased productivity and efficiency.

If you find the 90/90/1 hard, you can alter it like:

30/30/1: For the Next 30 Days, Spend Thirty minutes every day towards 1 important task/project with total focus and zero-distractions.

45/45/1: For the Next 45 Days, Spend Forty-Five Minutes every day towards 1 important task/project with total-focus and zero-distractions.

How to be More Productive and Efficient - 6 Strategies

1. Follow the 1-3-5 Rule:

Every day do:

1 Big Task that is Highly Important & Urgent

3 Medium Tasks that are less crucial

5 Small Tasks that are much-less important

Follow this technique every day. You will achieve increased productivity and improved efficiency.

Do the ‘1-3’ Before Lunch. Morning hours are the most productive.

2. Like-Minded Peer Group:

Be with people who want to play and hustle as you do.

Like-Minded people will know the importance of work to be done and motivate you.

3. Do Things you like and has Merit:

You can do anything you like. But that is not the point.

To be productive, do things you like that holds merit, value, and content for you.

The value your work holds is important. If there is no value, you will not be motivated.

4. Setup Mini Deadlines:

Be your critic and see how you perform.

Setup your mini-deadlines.

This little technique will guarantee productivity for you. Besides, working towards your deadlines will increase your efficiency in finishing a given task.

5. Notifications–Shut it off:

When you sit to work, at least for a few hours be in a ‘Strictly No-Distraction Zone’.

It guarantees you productive outcomes.

Plus, when you are not distracted by anything, you work efficiently.

6. Document your process:

Analyze your working style.

Identify your plus and minus with completing a task.

Documenting your work process helps in identifying the improvement-areas for you.

7. Prepare a Stop-Doing List:

You can easily identify things you don’t want to do or things that are stopping you from becoming productive.

Write them down.

Stick it or place it where you see it often, preferably in your workspace.

Remind yourself of it.

Become Efficient by Being Productive for "Un-Interrupted few Hours Everyday".

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

What role does better productivity plays in our life?

The level of productivity always determines what is the most fundamental and important factor for one’s standard of living. Raised productivity helps us to get the desired thing faster as expected. Speeding up the work can also come in the category of productivity.

Raised productivity usually requires less time and the outcome is achieved in less effort with various skills.

You will get many benefits in your personal as well as professional life of improved productivity.

Benefits are as follows:

• You complete your work before the expected time.

• You can make the pathway to your goal easier.

• Speeding up will help you to save your time.

• Communication also comes in the required skill of productivity so you will ultimately make many string relations.

• Customers support with minimum efforts.

Some surprising factors that can lead you to loss in productivity


1. The weather: sounds odd, but yes, either too hot or too cold weather affects working moods. This might result in a loss of productivity.

2. Poor lighting: it fun to work in an area with efficient lights. Poor lightings can distract us from our works.

3. Poor tools and technologies: for good productivity, we must have good apps, tools, and technologies. Poor technologies can distract us and can be uninteresting.

4. Area of workplace: it affects the productivity of our work, overcrowded areas may distract us from work. We might end up talking than working, so it is a must to have enough space for working.

5. Staff satisfaction: want good productivity in your work must look after the staffs' satisfaction. Making them overwork or work forcefully might lead you to a loss in productivity.

6. Amount of training: good training is advisable, but if you ignore time to time training, you might end up with a loss in your productivity.

7. No home works: employees who prepare works from home are more productive than the one who doesn't. It makes a great difference in your work productivity.

Productivity tools


Productivity tools free your time and energy by completing repetitive tasks that take up a lot of your time and energy.

Most of these tools help you:

  • organize your tasks
  • co-ordinate with your team
  • help complete routine tasks faster

There are various apps and tools available online to help you work less but more effectively. Here are a few of them:

For students:

  1. Google docs – to create word documents
  2. Todoist – helps track your tasks
  3. Freshgrade – an assessment and portfolio app to help parents, teachers, and students to coordinate with each other

For Managers:

  1. Google Docs – to create documents
  2. EverNote – co-ordination through notes and reminders
  3. Score – Business Management software
  4. People HR – For Personnel Management
  5. SaleScreen – Sale Management

Others such as Freelancers and small business:

  1. EverNote – for coordination with notes, reminders, task lists
  2. Todoist – To create to-do lists
  3. Wave – tracking expenses, preparing invoices, etc.
  4. Omnifocus – task management app