What are the productive Habits that change Boys into Men?

1. Fitness:

Fitness, hygiene, healthy foods, active lifestyle should be in your everyday. Men do it but Boys don’t care.

2. Have A Passion:

Pursue it. Don’t leave it.

3. Save Some Money For Yourself:

Save at least 10-20% of the money you make for yourself apart from other commitments.

4. Don’t be Narcissistic:

Nobody likes a self-centered, narcissistic character. It’s not cool as shown in movies or portrayed by heroes.

Real men make people feel important as them.

5. Power Dressing:

Power dressing is not about branded wears. Power dressing is about how you dress sensibly and confidently. Dress confidently. Practice confident body language.

6. Travel. Seek Adventure:

“Great Things are done when men and mountains meet.” – William Blake

Save some money for yourself. Make time to Travel.

7. Friendship:

Men look for friendship that expects nothing in return.

8. Commitment:

Fulfill your commitments by giving your best. It’s all it takes.

9. Don’t Back-Bite:

Don’t bury others so you can grow. These belittling traits will strip you down to a weak boy form a real man.

10. Be Real.

Stay true to yourself. Be yourself.

11. Responsible. Not Reckless:

Be responsible to yourself, to your family/friends, to your surroundings, to your locality, and your country. Don’t be reckless and cause damage to any of the above. Also, recklessness in ‘character’ is the ultimate form of self-sabotage. Being reckless, and not caring, is not “Cool”.

12. Do what you say. Say what you do.

Promise & Trust are two impeccable habits that change a boy to a man.

13. Make people around you happy.

Make people feel safe around you and make people happy.

14. Accept when you are wrong:

Boys pretend and think themselves high all the time.

Men accept their faults no matter who says it.

15. Boys are obsessed with Success.

Men Prefer Content and Happiness.

What are the Characters that Change a Boy to a Man?

1. Build Self-Esteem:

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval,” – Mark Twain

If there are low self-confidence, inferiority/superiority complex, and low self-esteem, you don’t just damage yourself. You affect everyone around you including your loved ones with your complex.

Self-esteem changes a boy to a man.

2. Earn Respect.

Don’t demand people and surroundings for respect.

Don’t use attention-seeking behaviors to get respect. It all shows you are weak.

Boys do, and Men don’t.

Earn respect for your good deeds.

Another Finest quality of men is, “As you maintain your integrity and dignity, help others to maintain theirs”.

Helping your struggling friend or those who are in need can save them from embarrassment and maintain their integrity.

3. Take Responsibility:

Boys blame. Men take responsibility.

Men get into action and see what they can do.

Whereas, boys keep blaming others for what happened. Boys don’t realize that they too had a part to play.

Take responsibility for your actions in your life. Meet the consequences.

4. Stand-Up. Protect. Defend.

A strong character that changes a boy to a man is in Standing-Up for what’s right and what’s yours.

Protect yourself and your family. Defend your life against all odds.

Defend others unable to stand up for themselves.

5. Confidence. Not Arrogance:

Be confident enough to express yourself and not arrogant enough to enforce your thoughts and inflict your feelings. This attitude changes a boy to an authentic man.

6. Anger management:

Anger is not a tool to express one’s power or the presence or solve problems. But genuine anger can make people and their surroundings realize what is right.

Men will know the difference. Boys won’t.

7. Strong Moral Compass.

“Men can have a moral compass that is just unshakeable; they can have ethics that run to the core.” – Lupe Fiasco