How do I become more self-disciplined and avoid procrastination? 7 Important Steps

1. Self-Disciple is a Choice. Not a Compulsion:

Don’t consider self-discipline as a compulsion, or pressure and beat yourself up. Don’t misunderstand self-discipline to something that’s forcing you and putting you under pressure. Self-discipline is a choice to make your life easier, more structured, and productive. If you understand this, you will become more aware of what self-discipline is.

Change your mind into thinking "self-discipline is habit and practice that positively impacts my life". Self-Discipline helps you overcome procrastination.

2. Automate your Behaviors:

Simple routines like fixed wake-up time, exercising hours, breakfast time, working hours, etc. automates your behaviors. It leads to more clarity than delays and confusion. It helps you make fewer decisions. By avoiding many decisions-making, you can avoid procrastination to a level.

3. We Procrastinate:

Every day is filled with some level of distractions we have to deal with. Likewise, we procrastinate in a day for good reasons and bad reasons too. Your day is a mixed bag of these two. The trick here is in identifying things that make your procrastinate.

4. Don’t justify:

Don’t justify the reasons for procrastinating. It doesn’t do any good. By justifying you are adding value to a habit/practice that is diminishing your productivity.

5. Procrastination is a Habit too:

Procrastination comes when you prefer comfort over hard work. You also procrastinate when there is no-pressure, no-commitment, and no-accountability. Solve them and you solve procrastination habit.

6. Freedom:

You need the freedom to be creative and work well. But, with more freedom and no-accountability, the chances are prime for procrastination. Have responsible freedom. It is one way of self-discipline habit that can help you overcome procrastination.

7. Don't take things for granted:

Don’t take your time, resources, and efforts for granted. It’s an important self-discipline practice that beats procrastination.