How to Beat Procrastination in Business?

Fundamental reasons for procrastination in Business Environments:

  1. Don’t know where you are headed.
  2. When you feel the progress is low/slow than you expected.
  3. Over-estimation.
  4. Fear of Over-spending.
  5. Fear of loss/failure.
  6. Fear of taking risks, and innovation.
  7. Shifting business platforms catering to recent trends and audiences.
  8. Handling everything by yourself.
  9. Not confident enough to partake in new challenging environments and competition.
  10. Low customer-base.
  11. No logical goals.
  12. When initial excitement fails.

Fix procrastination in Business with 4 strategies:

  1. Break 'Priority-Dilution':

You delay important tasks waiting for you. And, you shift yourself to less-important and maybe urgent tasks. Ex: Shifting from ‘Profit-Analysis meeting’ to ‘Replying Customer emails’ which can wait and justifying it by saying “customers are important”. This can be an emotionally triggered procrastination. Fear to face huge tasks makes your brain procrastinate and shift to other rewarding tasks. Stop priority-dilution to overcome procrastination in your business environment.

2. Attitude Makeover:

Business is experimentation in a way. With every client and every experience, you learn what clicks and what fails. You can fix procrastination when you shift your focus as ‘learning’ and ‘improving’ is what makes good business.

3. Customer-Centric Work Approach:

Unless you have other high-priority tasks, start your day with customer/client-oriented tasks. It can be anything from looking at complaints, answering, inquiring, solving their concerns, etc. It can stop you from procrastinating for 2 reasons. First, you know how crucial clients/customers are to your business. Second, it gives satisfaction and quick-win feeling when you know you have gratified your customer.

4. The Basics:

Fix short-term goals. Delegate your tasks. Use technologies to get things done quicker and easier. Follow good time-management and productivity techniques. Avoid holding too many meetings. Make your business setup more alive. It all can fix your procrastination mindset in a business environment.