No Motivation To Work? Evaluate Signs Of Burnout


Lack of Motivation

One of the greatest side-effects of feeling overwhelmed is lack of motivation. If you are not motivated to do a task, then you can give you 100% in that task. Lack of motivation can be caused by depression or maybe because of some other reason.

The Fix

Prioritize what you think are the most essential things on your list and take them one at a time. Finish one task fully before moving on, as having too many incomplete projects can feel intimidating. Try not to look too far ahead, just maintain a constant, flexible pace, and don’t be scared to ask for help where you need it.

12 signs you are overwhelmed


1. You Have Difficulty Sleeping

2. You Are Always Tired

3. You Lack Energy

4. You Are Anxious

5. You Are Stressed Out

6. You Have A Loss Of Appetite

7. You Have Difficulty Focusing

8. Lack of Motivation

9. You’re Keeping To Yourself More

10. You’re forgetful

11. You’re suffering from headaches

12. You are more sensitive than usual