Do you have to want to improve your networking skills? Do you struggle while networking with people? If yes, then read this article, I will give a basic understanding of Networking and ways to improve your networking skills.


Networking is known as an interchange of knowledge, thoughts, and ideas between people for a common profession or specific interests.

Ways to Improve Networking:

Start with Close Ones:

Starting a conversation with a complete stranger can be hard. So, I would suggest starting networking with the people around you before approaching a stranger(s).

Meet With A Smile:

Always meet them with a smile, it will not only put a strong and positive impression but it will also lighten your nervousness.

Timing Your Entry:

To join a conversation, you have to time your entry because it may annoy any group is talking and you suddenly barge in, it will also destroy the flow. So, listen to the conversation for some time with a smile, then make your entry with a question.

Address With Name:

Address people with their name because not only it helps you remember their name but it also makes them happy and comfortable and gives a friendly impression.