2 Ways to Mindfully Deal with Difficult Emotions

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1. Nurture positivity –

Staying positive during quite difficult times is challenging. We understand that. But, try to be positive. Nurture good vibes and affirmations. Take your time to grieve yourself from difficulties. Try to practice the steps that we discussed here. Difficult emotions need positive vibes.

Some of the best ways to nurture positivity to overcome difficult emotions are:

Do things you like.

Redecorate your room/workspace with things you like. It does bring good change and a refreshed feeling.

Concentrate on building good health.

Keep yourself engaged in positive ways.

Meet with family and friends as much as possible.

Books and Music are a good way to stay positive.


Apologize for mistakes from your side. In this way, you can bring many difficult emotions to peace.

Follow your passion.

Be grateful

Have positive affirmations in any form daily.

2. Stay grounded-

Stay grounded during tough challenging times. Let go of the ego. People going through emotional roller coasters often take ego with them. Let it go. Egos are neither productive nor are they helpful in any possible ways. Stay humble to yourself.

How to Deal With Difficult Emotions

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1. Analyze what triggers your emotions –

Identify the triggers that heighten your emotions. The best way to deal with difficult emotions is to identify the triggers and stay away from them or handle them positively. It is an important tip to mindfully deal with difficult problems and emotions.

To explain, let's see a situation here:

For instance, a person may be going through the emotion of guilt. In that case, a few triggers could be:

People reminding them about the situation.

People discussing how the situation could have ended.

Constant ‘pointing-out’ of how the person is responsible for this situation.

People/family members/friends discussing 'what could have happened' in the future despite the present situation.

Triggers vary according to the different emotions that a person undergoes. If you feel like you are in any vicinity where everything triggers or heightens your emotions, move away. It's a good mindful tip to handle tough emotions. If not permanently, at least you can handle it temporarily in a positive manner.

2. Gratitude –

If you like to mindfully handle difficult emotions in life, be grateful, and show gratitude. There are people who are less fortunate than you in terms of physical and mental wellness. Not one person on this earth escapes from handling difficult situations. Be thankful forever for the good things you have despite your difficult times. Gratitude can turn less into more during your difficult times. Start practicing gratitude every day. Handling difficult emotions and situations becomes peaceful when you become grateful.

3. Think before you speak out of emotion –

Be mindful of your verbal outcomes and responses during difficult times. Be mindful of how you speak. Often people find it difficult to handle verbal responses when they are emotional. Think before you speak, especially while you are emotionally challenged.

3 Powerful Mindful Steps to Deal with Difficult Emotions

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1. Acceptance is key to mindfulness –

Unless you accept that you are undergoing difficult times, it is difficult to come out. Denial is not a good way to be mindful. Acceptance is the key here. Accept yourself that it is okay to go through difficult emotions. Accept that handling difficult emotions is not easy.

Understand that it takes time to become mature and be mindful of all difficult emotions that we face in life. Once you accept your troubles, you will see that you will start to settle. You become more peaceful with yourself. Acceptance paves the way to look for what to do next and how to overcome it.

2. Write your feelings down -

It is an effective technique for mindfully handling your emotions. Write everything down. Instead of letting the emotions out and hurting yourself as well as the other, write them down. Write whenever you feel like your emotions are overwhelming for you to handle. Retrospect your writings.

Sooner or later, you can find the pattern about how and why you are acting out when it comes to tough emotions. It gives a wonderful chance to change yourself the next time. Writing your emotions down instead of letting them out is a good way.

3. Share –

Share your problems with the person you trust. Don't bottle your emotions. Discuss the emotional difficulties from time to time with someone you trust. The practice may not guarantee you exact solution you are looking for. But the practice makes sure that you are calmer, subtler, and mindful towards handling your emotions.

Talk and share. Remember the quote, "Only a few people care and the rest are curious." Don't add the extra pressure here. Make sure you have a hearty conversation now and then with your close circle.

2 Steps to Mindfully Deal with Difficult Emotions

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1. Identify your emotion –

Understand what's happening inside you. Pain, anger, loss, hate, remorse, guilt are few emotions that take a toll largely on any individual. The first thing in handling difficult emotions is to identifying the emotions and not denying them. By identifying your emotions, you can identify why you are acting out. By doing so, you can be more mindful in dealing with it.

For instance:

A Person can act out due to the loss of loved ones. The same person can act out differently when it comes to guilt. Likewise, if the person is holding on to hate, the acting-out can be entirely different.

The first thing you need to do for handling your difficult emotions is to identify them. Identify if the acting out is due to loss or guilt or regret, or any negative emotions for that matter. By doing so, the person can identify the reason. It gives a better way to be more positive in handling it.

2. Stop before you respond –

Words and Emotions can heal as well as break a person just like that in a second. Before you act out or respond while going through difficult emotions, stop. Stop and think before you respond. The opposite person should not be affected due to our difficult times and emotions. With this thought in mind, always think before you respond.

Make sure that you don't let your anger, guilt, regret, or any such negative emotion affect what's in front of you. Be Mindful and handle the emotion well. Let it not bother people around you.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

How to Mindfully Deal with Difficult Emotions?

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    Emotions and humans are intertwined since time. Especially when it comes to a difficult situation, coping with emotions gets tougher. Being Mindful is one of the best ways to handle difficult emotions in your life. With mindfulness, you get to have 'pause' and 'reflect' buttons.

    By pausing and reflecting, you have the chance to look at the difficult emotions in a more subtle way. It leads to positive outcomes. It is important to understand that mindfulness is more like a way of life. It is not a strategy to be followed only during difficult times. Practice mindfulness. With time, handling your difficult emotions and situations becomes positively refined for you.

    How to bring mindfulness to handle difficult emotions?

    To mindfully deal with any difficult emotions, we have shared with your 10 simple steps. These steps will play a significant role in helping you handle difficult emotions in a more positive way. Let's see them one by one.

    10 Steps to Mindfully Deal with Difficult Emotions

    Identify your emotion

    Stop before you respond

    Acceptance is a key to mindfulness

    Write your feelings down

    Analyze what triggers your emotions

    Share your problems

    Be grateful and show gratitude

    Think before you speak out of emotion

    Nurture positivity

    Stay grounded

      The above are the 10 steps to mindfully deal with difficult emotions that we like to share with you.

      Mindfulness is something that comes when you are ready to bring positivity to you. With the thought of taking care of yourself, you will start to be mindful of things to you.

      When it comes to difficult emotions, mindfulness in handling it becomes essential. Remember that difficult emotions and times grow further when you give the space. Be aware of it. Step up for positivity. Try practicing the easy mindful ways to handle difficult emotions that we discussed here. Time changes everything.