How to decide what a priority job is and what is not? There are many time-tested methods to understand and categorize your tasks based on priorities. Here are a few methods that you can adopt.

First setting priorities based on goals and values and scheduling daily tasks. Every moment in life is valuable. Most people are careless with priorities and waste their precious time in unimportant things in their daily lives.

The reasons are many: The biggest reason is that we do not know which job is important and which is not. Sometimes, external things and the environment influence or exert undue pressure. They demand your attention even though they have no bearing on your goals.

Doing First-things-First will help you focus on the most important tasks. Every moment is covered appropriately when doing so.

Doing First-things-First means to focus on tasks that have more value in achieving your goals. These tasks may be called Priority Tasks. Making priorities and acting on them is an important job whether you are a student, an executive or even a member of the top management.