How do you write a good resume?

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A resume is your very first introduction to an employer. It creates your first impression on the employer. So, it is just not only a document of some pages. It is the first step to prove yourself in front of the employer that you are perfect for that particular job. Your career objective, skills, acceptance all should get reflected in your resume.

To write a good resume, follow these seven most important things that should get included in your resume.

Resume Summary

Contact information

Professional expertise

Skills and certification

Education details

Any online portfolio

Your goals

There are some essential factors or components. That should be present there when creating your resume. To write a good resume, focus on the central part.

Here are some central parts of a resume.

Organized Format

Correct Spelling and Grammar

Keywords from the job description

Related job or internships experience

To write a good resume, you need to keep these factors in mind while making a resume. You’ll make a lasting effect on the hiring manager’s mind.