Examples Of How Soft Skills Benefit Your Job

Soft skills are traits that aren't taught in schools. They are the natural characteristics of a person. However, in today's market, soft skills are as important as hard skills. Soft skills are valuable as well as important in the workplace. This includes the ability to deal with people.

Additionally, it defines your relationship with clients. While hard skills are taught, soft skills are tough to learn. However, it is not impossible to learn them. All you need is the mind to teach such skills.

Let's look at an example of how soft skills have a direct link to your job. Sara and Keisha are fresh graduates who have recently landed new jobs. The office timings are from 9 to 5. Sara reaches the workplace by 8.50. She is at her desk by 9, starting her work.

On the other hand, Keisha rushes in at 9:03. Their jobs consist of dealing with customers all day long. An angry customer gets in touch with Keisha. She arranges for a refund for the customer.

Meanwhile, another furious client gets in touch with Sara. She looks into the matter to find the customer is happy with the service but has some other issues. She helps them clear issues. The client is happy with the customer service and promises to make bigger purchases the next time.

Here, it can be clearly seen that good soft skills helped Sara retain clients. On the other hand, Keisha loses a customer. This is how soft skills affect your job.

2 Ways to Improve Yourself


1. Step by step get rid of negativity

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Same way, get rid of negativity step by step from your life. Negativity can be in any form that does bad things to your physical and mental health. Gradually step away from negativity. Don’t encourage or support negativity in any way.

2. Step away from demotivating, and disrespecting people

There are few bad influencers who will never accept their mistakes. We can see people disrespecting other people. Furthermore, the act of Demotivating is the worst thing you can do to someone who is filled with dreams.

People who disrespect and demotivate should be avoided from all walks of life i.e. personal, professional, business, friendship, etc. Get rid of all such negative people and you can see your life improving drastically.