7 Science-Suggested easy ways to boost mental productivity & improve critical-thinking

Mental Productivity in simple terms:

Mental productivity is a harmony of mind, body, and heart. If they are not in sync, they will impact your mental productivity. Also, mental productivity correlates to your brain functions i.e., Active brain equals active mental productivity. So, mental productivity is like syncing all your devices to one email. Your mind, body, heart, and soul are to be synced together.

For instance, you may be a tech genius. What happens if there is no balance between your body (health) and your heart (emotions)? There is no mental productivity.

1. Good sleep:

Good sleep ensures a healthy mind, body, and soul. Nothing delights your brain than a goodnight's sleep!

2. Do Sudoku/puzzles/crosswords Daily:

It improves your IQ, concentration, mood, and lowers stress levels. puzzles stimulate problem-solving, cognitive abilities, and critical thinking parts of your brain.

3. Change your routines:

Bring fresh changes to your usual routine now and then. Fresh changes will stimulate your brain and keeps it active.

4. Cognitive Advantage:

Improve cognitive-enhancing activities like watching positive things, enjoying nature, writing, doodling, drawing, painting, etc. It improves the brain’s productivity. Have good relaxation practices like swimming, music, yoga, etc. Use your tech/gadget levels to a minimum.

5. Books:

Bring the habit of reading wonderful books and literature to expand your mind. When an individual gathers wider perspectives over life and surrounding, they become mentally more active and productive.

6. Positivity:

Your brain lights up whenever there is a gesture of positivity. You need positivity every day to boost your mental productivity.

7. Learning:

Learn one thing ‘new’ every day to be mentally productive. It stimulates your critical thinking. Ex: reading new articles from unique areas, exploring different genres of music/books, etc.


To boost your critical thinking, you need strong mental productivity. Follow these ideas to boost brain-functions.