1. Spend every day 2 hours ‘gadget-free’.

Leave the screen! With all your hi-tech gadgets also, apparatuses, you are as yet working longer and harder. Wouldn't hurt anybody to relinquish them only for 2 hours every day. Without the general overstimulation, you will recognize how long those two hours of the day were and appreciate me for many important things you got done.

2. Do not sell your life for money

Use minimalism as a lifestyle. Ok, I listen to you, you don’t have to disrobe life down to its bare bones. Rather, after having the accuracy of your core values, needs and wants, you need to take stock of all the material list you possess and evaluate whether you really have more than needed.

Less is more. Funding in life’s practices with people close to us brings the most comfort over time. Life is all about thoughts and memories.

3. Eliminate negativity from your life: thoughts, emotions, and people.

Walk away from enemies! Negative thoughts, emotions, and people dump you by sucking all your energy. Negativity is poisonous and toxic, it grows like a virus, feeding off one another’s worries and anxieties.