What is a Skill?
“Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation.”
– John Ruskin


Skill is not just the education we have or the job we do. When your passion and knowledge blend together, you have your skill. The skilled workforce is when everyone comes together in terms of shared passion, growth, and interest in what they do.

The question that comes to us is how can I gain skill? Skill is not something that you get out of nowhere. Skill is within you. To find out what your skill is, pursue what you like.

When people do what they like, they become involved in constant improvisations. They keep learning things and gather knowledge to sharpen their interest. These constant improvisations happen with experience and a true passion for doing it. It grows into a skill.

If you are good at something, it is your talent. It stems from your interest. When you pursue sharpening and enhance the talent you have, it becomes your skill. With experience, the skill becomes sharpened like a sword. It becomes your asset.

Talent is everywhere, but skill is not everywhere. True skill comes out when the individual strives to bring passion, dedication, experience, and interest to his talent.

How can you improve your skills? Find what your talent is first. Find what interests you and motivates you. Once you identify your talent, the next step becomes clear for you. With no guidance, you search for ways to improve your talent. Next, you will start looking for places where you can use your talent.

Finally, you put your talents to use and in time, the experience you get sharpens your skills.