I'm not happy with myself at all, how can I change?

Identify your strengths

When we amplify our flaws, it can become easy to get stuck in a cycle of hating ourselves. The more you obsess over your flaws, the more flaws you find to obsess over. The only way to break this self-hate cycle is to focus on your strengths instead of focusing on your flaws.

No matter who you are, you definitely have some good qualities. We are all born with some unique strengths. Some people are disciplined, some are hard-working, some can be honest while some can have strong social skills. When you identify your strengths, you will gradually start seeing yourself differently.

The more you start focusing on your strengths, the better you start feeling about yourself. You start seeing the good in yourself. Identifying your strengths also boosts your confidence levels. When your confidence levels are high, you can perform better at work. Confidence also helps you be more social and make more friends.

This further boosts your sense of self-worth. This now becomes a positive cycle. Notice how we shifted from being stuck in a vicious cycle of self-hate and focusing on our flaws to accepting ourselves, being confident, and seeing the good in ourselves.

When you start working on these strengths you have identified, you will notice a higher boost in your confidence levels. You will be more motivated to put your skills to use and pursue goals.

This can help you to go down a path of self-development that eventually makes you a better person than how you were when you just started. And once you see the growth, you will definitely be happy with yourself.

how can I change, If I am not happy


Studies conducted by researchers and public reviews taken by analytics departments have shown that over 70% of people are not happy with themselves. More than 40% of those people admitted to experiencing a level of distress and hate when asked about how they feel about themselves.

A lot of people find it difficult to accept themselves. They often magnify the inherent flaws and obsess over them to the point of exhaustion. This leads to an unhealthy outlook on oneself. People who are not happy with themselves are also seen to lack confidence. This has adverse effects on their social life and career opportunities.

If you find yourself experiencing self-hate or self-doubt, you are not alone. Here are some ways to deal with these feelings –

Accept yourself

The moment you start accepting yourself, half the battle is won. The most difficult part is life is often related to how we see ourselves. This is made worse by prolonged negativity surrounding our self-identity.

When we dislike ourselves, it becomes difficult for others to like us as well. Which is why the change has to start from within. You have to learn to accept yourself. You have to develop a sense of unconditional self-acceptance. And although this is not easy, it is important. This one step will have the largest impact on how you view yourself.