What are some worthy goals to pursue in life?

Fitness goals:

Fitness is a worthy goal to pursue in life. With good fitness, you gain confidence. You can put almost all lifestyle diseases away from you for ages to come. Focus on fitness overall, and not just for your body.

Here your fitness goals can be categorized into three types:

a. Lifestyle: Money savings, a good career, good education, to have a place on your own, good people around you.

b. Physical: planning the day, making healthy food choices, and spending time for physical pursuits like walking, cycling, jogging, workouts, etc. daily.

c. Mental: To bring more peace of mind in life.

They are all, in a way a fitness goal worth pursuing in life.

Emotional Wellness:

To take care of your emotional wellness and become better emotionally is a worthy goal to pursue in life. If we know how to handle our emotions, we resolve almost all problems in life.

Emotional-wellness goals include:

a. Practicing meditation.

b. To practice emotional intelligence.

c. To not take everything personally.

d. Not becoming a people-pleaser.

e. Developing the attitude to bounce back after failures.

f. Sportive attitude to handle life’s challenges.

g. Anger-Management

h. Response overreaction.

i. Treating people well.

j. Practicing Humbleness.

Positivity is truly a worthy goal to pursue in life.

a. Skill goals:

Apart from your studies/work, it’s good to develop extra skills. Gaining extra knowledge, training in new skills, learning a new language, traveling, etc. are worthy goals to pursue in life. Learn new things.


Whatever makes you happy is a goal worth pursuing. Also, remember any goal that doesn’t hurt or offend anybody, and doesn’t influence you negatively. If it allows you to spread your creative wings, that is a worthy goal to pursue.