Anxiety becomes a common issue for peoples whether you are young or old. Around 70% of people in the world are suffering from anxiety and depression. if you are one, then all you need to follow the given simple tricks and get back in your life again.

1. Do regular exercise

It is the simplest way to fight with stress and stay positive throughout the day. by adding physical pressure you cab quickly soothe the nervous system that better mental health and overall wellness.

2. Oil Massage

It is a traditional remedy to relax mental health. all you need to add essential oil such as lavender oil, coconut oil, or other scents that you like. with the scents, you can do a head massage that better blood circulation and boost mental strength. This therapy is known as Aromatherapy.

3. Cut down the intake of coffee/tea

If you are a tea lover then please cut it down. The high intake of caffeine affects the cortisol level, a stress hormone. thus people feel high anxiety and unable to tolerate jitteriness.

4. Write down your feelings

Sometimes you're unable to share your stress reason, then why don't you write it down. it is one of the proven remedies that quickly relax your mind and you feel that somebody is there to listen from you.

5. Enjoy with friends

Nothing is better than spending time with your friends. Whenever you feel depress call your friends and do hand out or share your pain. they will take 2 seconds to change your mood and you will feel refresh.