“The man who fears losing has already lost.”
- George R.R. Martin.

What stops people the most? It’s fear. What stops people from achieving? It’s the same Fear.

Fear of losing, fear of being ridiculed, fear of failures has stopped people from achieving and pursuing what they want in life.

The moment you fear losing, it means you have already lost in the game. Don’t give in to fear. Instead, let go of fear and try.

Sometimes there will be fear and self-doubts whether or not we will make it. But, if we let the fear take over, we lose that moment without even trying.

‘I tried, but I lost’ differs from ‘I never tried because I am afraid’ . Learn the huge meaning that both things have.

Fear comes because of different factors. The main being, low self-esteem and low self-confidence you have in yourself. It’s what’s stopping you from moving forward.

If there is a lack of knowledge there is a fear and hesitation to take things forward. But even those who are less skilled have succeeded because they are self-confident and fearless. They don’t stop with fear. They try.

I can attribute many things to my fear. But I have to get out of it. If I stay in fear, I lose many positive things in life. I could lose opportunities and possibilities when I am afraid.

Another mistake people do is, ‘what if I lose’. The ones who are fearful of losing have already lost. There is not much to appreciate for them except the losing.

The ones who are without fear will try and try. Even if they lose, they are ready to take it.

We can find many reasons to justify our fear of doing things.

Let’s stay fearless.