19 Definitions Of Success

When we start living life according to our Dreams as we want or when we start to follow our dreams and can do anything to reach the goal, it is a success.

1. Success means always giving your Best.

2. Success is properly set a goal and working on it.

3. Success is something when we try to do what we actually want in our life.

4. Success is understanding the difference between our desire and our need.

5. Success is believing you can.

6. Success means remembering to balance the work with passion.

7. Success is taking care of your Dreams and your needs.

8. Success means when we are available for others.

9. Success means knowing your life is filled with confidence and abundance.

10. Success means keep doing what you want.

11. Success means helping others to be succeed

12. Success is overcoming fear.

13. Success means learning something new every day.

14. Success means learning that losing a few battles can help to win a war.

15. Success means loving and being loved.

16. Success is not giving up.

17. Success is celebrating a small victory.

18. Success is the sum of our effort for our Goal.

19. Success is understanding that you can control your Destiny.