What is Productivity in Business?  Productivity in Business is attributed to 15 Factors

1. Optimal utilization of Resources:

No under-usage. No over-usage. But, optimal usage of resources guarantees productivity in your business.

2. Proper Utilization of Human Resources:

Business Productivity improves with the optimal utilization of its human resource. It starts with allocating appropriate roles/responsibilities, good work timings, flexible work practices, improved workflow, etc.

3. Giving Back to the Environment:

Save Energy. Don't take natural-resources for granted. The biggest business productivity in recent times is about giving back to the environment.

4. Cost Factors:

Reduce/Cut unwanted costs. Save where you can. Business productivity boosts when there is cost-effectiveness.

5. Increasing Customer Base and Loyalty:

The most important external factor for business productivity is gaining customers and their loyalty.

6. Bringing Profitability:

Business Profitability is not just in revenues. It is in overall well-being like enhancing employees, management’s, and taking care of every other who support and sustain your business.

7. Better than the Competitor:

When compared to your competitor, if you could deliver good service, quality products at a reduced cost, you become successful and productive.

8. Employee Wellbeing:

Give a comfortable and positive workspace. Take care of your employees and they take care of your business.

9. Improving Employee Morale:

Employee’s good morale increases your business productivity.

10. Reviewing:

Look for areas to improve. Productivity improves when you 'review' and 'renew' your business practices.

11. Growth:

Look for growth chances and opportunities.

12. Good Customer Services:

Spend more time in taking care of your customers and their responses to improve. Give more value to customers.

13. Good Engagement:

Engage with your employees and customers. It helps you increase your business and productivity.

14. Invest in Technologies:

Technologies can improve business productivity and work quality.

15. Service and Quality:

‘No compromise in quality’ and ‘Good Service’ guarantees successful Business productivity.