Succeeding is not an overnight job. To succeed, you need to invest something, either money or emotion. It requires careful and strategic planning before implementation. Therefore, when you aim for something, try your best to hit the goal as well. But remember, a good and slow shot is better than a fast track drive to reach the goal. No matter how many templates experts offer you, there is no shortcut to success. If you rush, you could possibly meet failure instead of gold. However, if you delay, the opportunity might fly away. Don't forget that it only knocks once.

After all, succeeding's easier than failing.

It is easier to succeed than to fail because failure is time-consuming.

Assuming that you follow the "try and try until you succeed" philosophy. Believe me, it costs you more because if you repeat from the top, you'll be spending another time trying to find the answer rather than using your precious time to another fulfilling activity. It also costs you another amount of money while you haven't received yet the return of investment from the first project you spent.

So, the best advice is to avoid failure. Always choose the win-win technique.