7 Ways That Will Help You Speak In Public without Fear


1. Confess to your listener in the beginning itself that you are anxious. It brings more chances of forgiveness from the listeners.

2. It is normal to be frightened in public, it happens with everyone, so don’t worry. If you are frightened, don’t forget everyone sitting in the audience had been through the same situation.

3. Try to make the presentation fun, attract your audience and gain control over them.

4. Prepare yourself for the public speaking, you can do it by practicing at home and in between your groups. It can be anyone your friends' group, office group, anyone.

5. You can try some new ways and tricks while speaking publicly, that will attract your audience to the another side.

6. Avoid direct eye contact, in place of looking into the audience eye try to look on their foreheads, it looks like you are making eye contact, but in actuality, you are not.

7. Even though you are afraid don’t let that be seen in your voice, it really gives a bad impression on the audience.

7 characteristics of an effective communication


1. Comprehensiveness: good communication makes sense through a complete message.

2. Contemplation: must be done respectfully, without hurting someone’s respect.

3. Awareness: must be able to convey the exact and to the point thought from you to others. You are prepared and is aware of what to talk about.

4. Solidity: is good enough that the other must feel like they are watching something and not listening.

5. Politeness: effective communication must be polite enough, allow others to put their point of view in between and if required let the other talk first and wait for your chance.

6. Unambiguousness: talk loud and clear avoid incoherently. Your words and thought must be cleared or you might be misunderstood for being confused.

7. Accuracy: it is required, or it can create misunderstanding. Like you want to say something but because you used an incorrect word the whole meaning changes. Using the correct word is a very important characteristic of effective communication.

How to master the 7C of communication

How to master the 7c's of communication.png

7c’s communications are seven pillars of effective communication. There are so many options to communicate with people. You can communicate in writing. Verbal and non-verbal are also two popular options.

The 7c’s have equal importance in these three types of communication.

The 7c’s of communications:


2. Clear

3. Correct

4. Concise

5. Concrete

6. Courtesy

7. Consider

In professional communications, there is no scope of misinterpretations. But it happens. Sometimes, because we send some informal messages to our clients, sometimes, we cannot understand their requirements. We even cannot respect their emotions attached to some special projects. As a result, we cannot achieve the goal of satisfying our clients.

Practicing these seven steps skills will make you more effective in communication.