1. Learn how to balance things in life: it is hard to manage everything balanced, but to be successful in life, you must keep some balance in life.

2. Don’t waste your Sundays: for most of us, Sunday means holidays, but if you really want to achieve your goal, don’t waste your Sundays plan your a week on Sunday.

3. Accept something good from every day: when you think positive for yourself early in the morning, something good happens for sure.

4.Think about others: a successful person always thinks about the Others want to succeed, start thinking what if you were in that place. Everything will be easy to be handled.

5. Be creative: don’t get very serious about your goal. To be creative and learn things with creativity. Have some fun in life will help you overcome stress.

6. Read and read: read the biographies of the great people. It will inspire you. Reading will give you better ideas, there’s no friend like books on the way to success.