What is success and How to get success


Success is a very big name in today's world, every person in the world wants to achieve it, whether it is small or big. Today, I am going to write about it.

What is success

Success is such a method that everyone can become successful by doing it. Like someone wants to become a doctor, someone wants to become an engineer, someone wants to become an actor. So his success in that is the post for which he works hard.

How to get success

If you want to become a successful person or you want to succeed, then you have to work hard both physically and smartly. Here I said smartly that even if a rickshaw man does physical work, can we call him a successful person or not,

The answer is no. Indeed, you will not get success in one go. But you do not have to give up. Repeatedly do the same work in which you are getting a failure. You have to make a daily rotating. Apart from this, whoever is successful around you, meet them, talk to them, and this will give you an idea. I guarantee if you do all these, then one day, you will get success.

How to Convert Your Failure into Success?


Failure is the part of life, a successful person fails several times on the way to success. There’s no one on the earth who doesn’t fail ever in life. Here are a few points to help you convert your failure into success.

Born poor you can change your fate through hard work.

Don’t have recourse, the human is the most unique creation of God. You have the power to generate resources.

Have failed several times because you are not talented, yes you are talented. Find it out and prove the world you are special.

We all have personal problems in life, don’t let it end your dream. Problems in life are very common to find solutions and move towards success.

Don’t lose faith in yourself, find a solution to every failure. Even if you think you have tried everything, you are wrong to think again you will find the solution.

Failure is the part of life and the person who learns to accept failure gets succeed very easily.

What is success to me


My friend asked me what success is to me. I looked at the person in front of me while drinking my coffee then bravely answer.

Success is "winning the respect of intelligent people." With a confused face, my friend asked again, "How?"

The first step to gaining respect and success at the same time is Breaking the barriers. Why not start with a pleasant smile and little encouraging words when things are tough. A person who smiles is guaranteed to receive affection. The affection-giver tends to respect someone that has the right attitude.

The second rule is TalkBack no more. This is frequent when a boss reprimands a staff, or a teacher notices the student's unpleasant behavior. Before we badmouthed and talkback, why don't we understand the superior first? Sometimes, we received honest criticism from superiors or somebody who want us to do better. Taking them softly earns admiration from them. When people admire you, respect comes along.

And the third one is to Lend your ears. One quality of a successful individual can listen and hear people's sentiment than through that, you will earn respect from helping them go through their struggles hand in hand.