1. In order to communicate well, understand what the other person is expecting from you.

2. Have a smile on your face, keep your voice friendly.

3. Maintain eye contact and be loud and clear. Avoid mumbling.

4. Avoid talking things about your interest allows others to talk.

5. Be a listener and agree to their points of view. Talking together is called the argument, and you want to communicate, right? Be wise.

6. Keep your eyes open, observe. To make your communication extraordinary, observe is your words really making sense to your listener.

7. Ask questions if you find something interesting, confusing, ask. Don’t feel bad a good communication means a good understanding.

8. Maintain a good body language.

9. Use the sum up techniques; it helps other people know you are interested and listening.

10. Avoid selling your thoughts, have some gape in between. It means don’t rush when communicating.