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Being Happy or sad is all mind perception. The way your mind thinks, it makes you feel happy or sad. If you think all day that you are sad, broken, depressed, it will automatically turn your life sad, and if you think good and surround yourself with good people, it will make your life happier.

We got only one life then why to waste that one life for being sad. The most important part of your life is you.

The priority should be you than anyone else. Don't chase people, the one who is yours will automatically come into your life. As Mr.Bacchan said, "MAN KA HO TO ACHA AUR MAN KA NA HO TO AUR BHI ACHA" because god will never want ill for you. Have faith in God and stand up again and rock it.


Emotions- The word itself speaks a lot. Emotional attachment, the pain of losing someone either by death or breaking up with someone who meant the world to you is never easy. But you have to believe in God.

Here are a few tips to overcome:

1. Get yourself involved in Physical Activity (It helps to reduce anger, stress, anxiety)

2. Explore new places. (this helps to distract your mind )

3. Try meeting up new people(the more you interact with new people, the more you will feel disconnected from the past.)

4.Focus on your health( regular check up on food habits)

5. And, the last is you were born alone and you have to die alone.

Everything is temporary even your breath too. You were born not to cry and not to be in depression. It's your life you can shape it by working hard on yourself. Whatever gone is gone, standup again gives a try and believe in yourself. "Everything gets healed with time whether it is emotional pain or physical pain."


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