Time Management Strategies to Managing Time Efficiently

Time Management Strategies to Managing Time Efficiently

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    50 Amazing Techniques of Time Management

    Time management is a skill that determines how an individual becomes more productive and successful by utilizing time effectively. We all get 24 hrs a day. Some people make the most out of it. Others keep thinking of doing something. This makes the difference between a happy person and a stressful individual.


    Work on time management skills

    Why should you work on your time management skills?

    Only a person with good time management skills can accomplish goals in a shorter period. This means that a person who has time management skills gets more free time than others. A person who knows the value of time utilizes free time not by just lying in bed, but to learn something new.

    A person gets to spend the hard-earned free time with family and loved ones. This helps to relieve work stress. Time management is the crucial point to achieve the goals that will eventually help an individual to be a successful person in the longer run.

    50 tips of time management

    Here we have discussed 50 amazing tips to get the most of your time.

    01) Day to Day work schedule:

    Make a concise list of your day-to-day routine. Try to finish all the work on that given day. This will not make more burden on your next day.

    02) Keep calm:

    People mostly ignore the importance of being calm. They think that they can work more by getting overactive. It's wrong. By getting hyper, you waste your time on the wrong works. Your brain works faster when you keep calm and control your nerves. You will find more effective ways to work faster and proficiently.

    03) Time audit:

    If you are running out of time daily, then you are probably doing some works that are draining your time. It is time to evaluate the report and find out where you lose your time. So you can make a new chart on what work to do and which one to avoid.

    04) Be visionary:

    As we all only get 24 hours on a given day, then it is essential to know which work will provide you with fruits and which one is a total waste of time. That's how you can save your time from investing it in wrong deeds.

    05) Set a time limit:

    Put a time limit on all of your work. Thus you will understand how efficient you are doing that thing. It will make you a more proficient worker.

    06) Important things:

    There is some work daily that everybody needs to do, like eating, taking a bath, etc. All you can do is take one and a half hours to complete all of these things. Save your time on these and invest them in creativity.

    07) Prioritize things:

    It's important to know which one work you want to do or which one you don't want to do. Like it makes no sense of wasting your time on things that are not worthy enough to do.

    08) Work on your skills:

    You can be successful in any field where you want to. But when you work in the field, you must have technical knowledge regarding that field. Otherwise, it will take you lots of time to finish an average work, and although you might not get the desired result.

    09) Use of Sunday:

    I understand that people want to take a rest and enjoy themselves on Sunday. Apart from that, you can make a little use of that Sunday for your time management purposes. Make the complete chart of the work schedule for that week on Sunday. Then you will get some time to evaluate and edit that. Without hampering your Sunday Vibes, you actually can save quite a lot of time for other days.

    10) 'Done' list:

    Make a column on the right side of your to-do list. You mark those completed work in time there. Also, mark which of the work taking more time than it should be. It will make it easy to evaluate your progress.

    11) Stay out of distraction:

    Whenever you are working on computer use, that 'do not disturb function. It will help you to stay out of all the distractions that might cause you a waste of time.

    12) First hour-First thing:

    Early to bed and early to rise makes a person more productive. The first hour of the morning is the time when we are most capable of doing anything right. So the first important thing you should complete in the first hour of the morning.

    13) Multitasking does not work all the time:

    Yes, you read it correctly. Multitasking is a skillful thing. But doing it every day at the last hour is not a good sign. It can mess up your whole efforts. So try to stay out of multitasking as much as possible and finish works at its scheduled time.

    14) Inspire yourself:

    Why you should wait for inspiration and lose valuable time. You should do things that inspire you. Motivate yourself to be a better person and to grow as an individual.

    15) Perfection comes with time:

    Perfection is not something that happens overnight. If you think that you can be perfect by just working a single day, then you will waste lots of time, and you will not have time to do the other critical daily jobs. So keep practicing daily. It will eventually make you perfect. But don't over-invest your time on a particular job on a single day.

    16) Breaks are important:

    Research says that the human brain can focus on work only for 90 minutes at a time. So don't overburden yourself. Make small breaks of 5 to 10 minutes between each 90 minutes session of work to increase the rate of efficiency of your work.

    17) Be organized:

    If you can put a thing in the right place where it is taken from, then it will save you a lot of time daily. It also makes your life a lot easier.

    18) Learn to say 'No':

    I know you have a soft heart, and you don't want to upset anyone. Remember that you can only handle limited work at a time. So learn to say no to less prior things at that moment.

    19) Don't waste time waiting:

    We all have to wait in a long queue how many times a week or maybe sometimes daily. But don't just wait and waste your time on the line. You can make some use of that by reading an inspirational book or anything that you want to read but couldn't make time in your schedule.

    20) Be healthy:

    If you are not healthy, then you can't work effectively for 17 to 18 hours a day. Only a healthy and fit person can work for this long.

    21) Less is better:

    Yes, less is better. You can work less and be the best at that.

    22) Batch similar tasks:

    If you have related work in your hand, then put them in the same frame of time. It will take less time to complete rather than doing them separately.

    23) Inspiration in entertainment:

    We all know the importance of entertainment in our lives. But you also can have some motivation at that time saved for entertainment purposes. Watch some Ted talk shows or some documentaries on successful people.

    24) Work smartly:

    Work smartly rather than just working hard.

    25) Makes a useful habit:

    Make your regular task a habit. It does not come on a single day. It depends on your consistency.

    26) Commit to yourself:

    Start your day by telling yourself that you are going to do this much work by the end of the day, and at the end of the day, you evaluate what percent of total work you have done. If you don't value the commitments to yourself, then you can't expect others to do.

    27) Social media:

    If you are not using social media for a professional purpose, then you have to be very careful about the time that you invest there. Because social media is the biggest distraction in our time, and you probably don't realize when your 3-minute breaks become 2 hours of time waste.

    28) Positive vibes only:

    Be surrounded by the people who carry positive vibes with them. You will find an extraordinary change in your attitude both professionally and in your personal life.

    29) Take responsibility:

    Take responsibility for your words and your work. It will push you beyond your limit to complete work on time.

    30) Eliminate excuses:

    Find all the reasons that we usually use for not completing our work or not growing in our lives. Then eliminate them. It will open a whole new opportunity to challenge your skills.

    31) Passion:

    Find passion in your work or work in your passion. Only then you will go beyond your limits to complete it in time.

    32) Plan:

    When you are going to bed, plan for the next day's starting. You will not be confused on the following day.

    33) Software tools:

    There are a variety of apps and tools, and some are useful for business management, especially for monitoring and assessing daily processes. Use them.

    34) Online calendar:

    Use an online calendar to track your schedule and time limit at any time and anywhere.

    35) Organize your email:

    The best way to speed up email communication and waste less time on superfluous exchanges is to organize your inbox. Don't get hung up on a cluttered inbox.

    36) Let your phone ringing sometimes:

    It is not every time necessary to pick up a phone call just because it is ringing. If you are at work, then you can avoid unnecessary calls to save time.

    37) Sleep well:

    Taking sufficient sleep will give your body and mind enough time to rejuvenate. So they can work well on the next day.

    38) Handle stress wisely:

    When we take more work than our ability, it causes a lot of stress that can hamper our productivity. To understand it very careful about how much amount of work you can do and accept only that.

    39) Start early:

    You already know that we are most productive in the first hour of the day, then you must start your day early.

    40) Exercise:

    Make time for a gym or workout at home. It will help you to stay fit. And you can work an extra hour if it is needed.

    41) Use the other side of your brain:

    There is a part of our brain that we don't use at work. To gear up your creativity and use that at your disposal, learn to use that part.

    42) Time for relaxation:

    Don't let your work stress comes in between your relaxation time. Enjoy your free time with friends, families, and loved ones. It will help you to fill with new energy.

    43) Cheat workday:

    It's ok to have a cheat workday as a cheat meal. We are humans, not machines. Just be careful that your cheat workday does not come too often.

    44) Find the meaning of your job:

    Find meaning in your work, and you will love to do it.

    45) Self-acknowledgment:

    Reward yourself and praise yourself when you finish a big task at a given time.

    46) Listen to your subconscious mind:

    Have a pen and paper all the time so you can write down everything that your subconscious mind tells you.

    47) Keep questioning yourself:

    "Am I currently making the most use of my time?” Keep yourself asking this over and over.

    48) Outsource your work:

    If you want to achieve more in less time, learn how to outsource work.

    49) Exciting goals:

    Set some exciting goals to motivate yourself and encourage yourself to do it.

    50) Do less commuting:

    If possible, work from home to save time commuting. Aghh..that's a lot of time, man.

    Now you know how to save your time by skillful time management. Use these tricks and witness the change.

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