1.“Eat an elephant” have heard it so many times from our parents, isn’t it? It means to divide and work. Yes, it is true whenever something seems difficult or impossible to try this technique and see the difference.

2. Don’t wait to it immediately: instead of giving up and looking for a good chance or mood to do a particular task, do it quickly. Once ignored, the time never comes this why it is said, whatever you want to do; do it now.

3. Start doing that task you find interesting.

4. Remember, when you avoid work for some other day, you make it difficult for yourself. Because late you are the more you have to finish.

5. Don’t expect too much from yourself in the beginning. No one is born perfect or genius, so set your goal small.

We all procrastinate things when we get so stressed about failing or incomplete task after hard work. But procrastination is really bad if we get into the habit of it. Here are the four ways to help everyone who avoids things for any reason. 

1.       It is important to learn that you are getting into the habit of it. You might be avoiding things for so many good reasons without knowing that the task is actually important. Find the reason behind why are you procrastinating first to help yourself.

2.       Take time because you are a human being and there’s nothing we can do immediately things doesn’t happen suddenly, try and you will make it. Start doing your important tasks first no matter how hard it is divide and work on it.

3.        Well; when we are being under observation how fast things get done isn’t it? You can try the same method ask someone to remind you daily it can be your alarm or your friends or anyone.

4.       Motivate yourself daily with good thought and see how things get easier. Tell yourself you can do everything and see how easy it is to deal with procrastination.

So many of us get confused about these two words, thinking that they both mean the same thing. It is not here are the difference between the two:

1. Procrastination means ignoring something important for some insignificant task. While the term laziness means complete inactivity, neither doing the important task nor something else.

2. A person shall be called lazy when a particular task is given is declined without a single effort. But when we try but still task cannot be completed, or the task was so hard and we were unable to do so we choose to avoid it is called procrastination.

3. A person who has the habit of procrastination, if explained and force; do the task but a lazy person will always find an excuse.

4. A person who is lazy has no intention of performing any task, while the procrastinator will do something at least.

No matter what the ever is it laziness or the habit of procrastinating they both are bad for our career and future. So stop it before it’s too late and be wise to try my ways to remove these habits.


Maintain a good house environment, students get easily distracted by the fights between parents and it might become the reason for avoiding things that shouldn’t be avoided. Find out the reason you have been avoiding things for. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you are disorganized and can’t find where to start from? As soon as you identify the reason behind something you can find a solution to it and change things.

Do it today itself. Everyone, the most organized people sometimes procrastinate things. It is really a very bad thing to fall for, sometimes the common procrastination can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here are the 5 most effective ways to cope with procrastination.

Create your working list, divide the work in order from the beginning. Get started from where you feel comfortable. Pay attention to the task as per your schedule. Turn everything off that you thing might distract you from your task. Such things are mobile, TV or any social media.

Every individual has a set of priorities in life and his entire life centers around it. The basic priorities can be any one or more of the following, Name, Fame or Popularity, Money, Power, Family and/or Love.


Procrastination results in failure. Students must know that avoiding studies may lead their future into obscurity. Here are 6 effective tips for every parent to follow to help their kids stop procrastination.

1. Keep things that you feel can distract them from studying, it can be anything.

2. Maintain a good house environment, students get easily distracted by the fights between parents and it might become the reason for avoiding things that shouldn’t be avoided.

3. Set a time table for their study and everything else, so that it’s used only for that purpose and nothing else.

4. Diet: yes it is the most important thing that every parent must look after. Good and a portion of healthy food with some exercise helps the student stay focused on their studies. It reduces the chance of procrastination.

5. Don’t stress them too much, it may distract them and students lose their interest in studies. As a result, they postpone things very easily.

6. Parents can sit with their kids, motivate them to work hard so that they don’t get tired while studying and procrastinate.


1. Music are not just loved b people, it has the power to boost our brain. Listen to the song that you feel will motivate you.

2. Find out the reason you have been avoiding things for. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you are disorganized and can’t find where to start from? As soon as you identify the reason behind something you can find a solution to it and change things.

3. Prepare your do-list but don’t just add anything. Add things much important and you think is good for your future. Just delete the things out fully because the main reason behind procrastination is too many works to do.

4. Bet with someone, ask somebody to watch your task out. These things can be really helpful to beat procrastination. Betting with someone fills us with encouragement and we are more likely to do the task with enthusiasm.

5. Another way to motivate ourselves for any task is to make it fun and not a burden. Reward yourself with something when a particular task is completed, you can complete your task with someone. Make your work fun to avoid procrastination.  


1. The key point to overcome procrastination is the focus, start from just one thing you have been avoiding.

2. Don’t stir or avoid things for some other day, if you have a task to complete, do it today itself.

3. Once you identify a task, start it and focus on it for at least five minutes. It’s scientifically proven that once we start on something, it’s much more likely to finish it up.

4. Give yourself a short period of breaks in between to relax so that you don’t get bored and tired. Do a power hour; it helps us stay focused on all the distractions.

5. Forgive yourself and move ahead in life. It’s said that the more you forgive yourself, the more you can beat your current procrastination.

There is no such way as I have mentioned before to overcome procrastination so, don’t wait for a miracle. Do what you feel should be done and seems important and profitable to you.


Procrastination is not something that we do eloquently, it is something we get into the habit very slowly. But once it becomes the habit it can actually be very harmful to our future.

We postpone things for our pleasure and sometimes just because we have the fear of the failure. Without knowing that it’s harmful and can affect our dream or an important task.

If you are here looking for a way to stop procrastination I must ask you to stop wasting your time. There is no such thing that will help you decide what is good for you. You yourself must be wise enough and do what you think should be done for your betterment.

There are so many ways to stop it so but the most effective way to stop procrastination is to do your work. Be wise and stop reading articles on these things and get into your work. 


Everyone, the most organized people sometimes procrastinate things. It is really a very bad thing to fall for, sometimes the common procrastination can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here are the 5 most effective ways to cope with procrastination.

1. Learn to deal with your fear, if you are afraid of success because you secretly believe that you don't deserve it learn how to overcome your fear rather than procrastinating things up.

2. Make your to-do list, time management is very important in life schedule a list of your important work and get it done in time.

3. Create your working list, divide the work in order from the beginning. Get started from where you feel comfortable.

4. Pay attention to your thought, must be able to recognize when you are about to procrastinate things. It helps you win over the temptation of procrastination.

5. Pay attention to the task as per your schedule. Turn everything off that you thing might distract you from your task. Such things are mobile, TV or any social media.

The list of productivity tips is as given below:

1.Rewrite your to-do list.

2.Try to meet your deadlines.

3.Make a schedule.

4.Try easy tasks first.

5.Slowly try to hit hard tasks.

6.Improve your estimates.

7.Expect less at first.

8.Learn to say no.

9.List the most three important tasks of the day.

10.Be on time.

11.Set a time for being on social media.

12.Read more.

13.Stay motivated.

14.Go slow.

15.Value your leisure and work time equally.

These are 15 important and easy productivity tips that will help you to overcome procrastination. Try to follow at least 10 of them daily and see the results within few days. 

These are the 1-minute exercises which will help you to fight procrastination:

• Yoga. Do some small tasks in yoga, which requires less than a minute to refresh your mind. Examples: meditation, exercises, etc.

•Read before you go to bed. Read at least a page before you go to sleep. This will make you stay focused.

•Fold your clothes. This thing seems to be very small, but it helps. It will help you to overcome your procrastination. This kind of small tasks helps you to complete your work faster.

These are three 1-minute exercises which will help you to cure your problem of procrastination. Keep small tasks and set a time and try to complete them in less time. You will gain confidence in completing the work on time.

This will help you to complete your big projects on time. It helps to gain your belief that you can do all the works on time.

Here are the reasons which lead to the procrastination:

1.Fear of unknown.

2.I’ll do later.

3.Completing only easy tasks because they are easy.

4.Unclear about how to get started.

5.You get distracted.



8.Lack of motivation.

9.Thinking of people.

10.Fear to be called stupid.


12.The habit of longing it.

These are the main 12 reasons which lead to procrastination. These are the things which you must avoid. If these are the habits which you have, then try to overcome them by simple techniques. These seem to be very small but leads to massive destruction of your career or personal life. Try to overcome them soon.

Curing procrastination can be tough initially, but if you commit to the tasks, you can do it. Try not to break the rules and follow all the tips. By these tips, you will surely overcome and cure procrastination.

Adopt these anti-procrastination strategies:

•Commit to the task. Make a to-do list and stick to the tasks. It will be hard at the start but stick to the tasks. You will get used to it very soon if you follow these every day without breaking your commitment to yourself.

•Reward yourself.  Always reward yourself at the end of the day when you constantly complete your tasks. It will be fun after you reward yourself.

•Ask someone to check up on you. Ask your mom and your friend to check on you. If you try to break the commitment, you will be reminded by them, and this will help you to overcome it.

•Minimize distractions. There are many distractions like social media and the internet, which will try to distract you, so try to minimize your time on that.

Here are some tips which will help you to overcome procrastination. Delaying the tasks has become a common thing due to certain distractions so here are some of the tips which will help you to overcome it.

Following are some of the easy tips:

•Take a daily review. Observe your to-do list and mark your important tasks. Complete the ones first which has an important part in your career.

•Resolve potential emergencies. Try to overcome yourself from serious issues. 

•Focus on your tasks. Start your day with a to-do list. Fill it with your important tasks, appointments, and projects. This will help you to complete your work on time and overcome procrastination.

•Complete quick tasks immediately. Mark your quick tasks first and try to complete them as soon as possible. This will help you to lower your work-load. You will have more time to complete your large projects and it will be easy to complete them.

Nowadays, getting things done on time has become difficult. So we have got some easy tips for you which will help you to stop wasting time.

Tips to stop wasting time:

•Stay off the internet.

•Make a schedule.

•Stick to the task.

•Switch your social media accounts off.

•Do all the work in one device.

•Go slow.

Tips to get things done:

•Make a list of the work.

•Make your personal deadline.

•Try to do your work on time.

•Stay focused.

These are some tips which will help you to get things done. Follow these tips, and you will definitely productive more than before. It’s hard to initiate, but things will be easy if you follow these regularly. Self-control is the key to make these things as habits.


You are intense to learn about how to stop procrastination, here are 5 effective ways that you must try. We postpone things mostly because we don’t find them interesting or we are not passionate about it. But what if the work needs to be done anyhow in that case these five ways will work effectively.

1. Start focusing on your work, challenge yourself and work with determination. Your working hours must be 25 to 30 minutes.

2. Get distracts very often in your work, make yourself understand that what’s important and beneficial for you.

3. Avoid things you get easily distracted with, it will actually, give you more energy to focus on your work and avoid procrastinating when you’re tired.

4. The perfect task, aiming for perfection in work is the main reason most people start procrastinating. Get your work done whatever the result will be something is better than nothing.

5. Schedule your work, don’t move out for anything without completing them up. 


Almost every one of us has done this, but it is ok to it sometime but if you are into the habit change it. Procrastinating things can be the cause of not getting success in life.

1. We all have done that in life but forgive your mistakes in the past and move ahead promising yourself not to repeat it again.

2. The start is committed to your task.

3. Challenge yourself, like if you complete a task in time you will reward yourself.

4. The best thing to get your work gets done in time is to ask someone to have an eye on you.

5. Divide your task into parts to get it done easily.

6. Try to avoid something that distracts you from your task. Such things as TV programs or social media and people some time if needed.

7. Have an aim for every day. Prepare your list of important things early in the morning or just before you go to sleep. Get them done with procrastinating things up for some other day.


Yes, the habit of postponing our work for some other day is the greatest enemy to our success. It is very important to find out if we are into the habit of procrastination. If yes, overcome it and save your future from leading into the darkness.

Here are the few reasons for procrastinating things up.

# Stop procrastinating your work for some other day if you have started something get it done without any excuses.

# Don’t get yourself overload or you will end up with stress and zero result work is done. Make a timesheet of your daily routine and get succeed.

# We think we have enough time, let it go we will get it done some other day which never comes.

There are so many excuses we can make to postpone our work but to succeed in life one of the most important rules is to do it now. Do what needs to be done in time don’t waste your time, it not late yet be aware before procrastination becomes your enemy to success. 


“There nothing that is not possible, the word impossible itself says I’m possible” stop procrastinating thing up before it becomes the part of your habits. Here are the 3 most helping tips to throw procrastination out from your life.

1. Challenge your resistance: it is important to learn how to win over the resistance. There are so many things we don’t like to do or to exist in our life because we find it difficult. The easiest way to overcome it that we find is procrastinating them. But the right way is to challenge your resistance.

2. Overcome your resistance: get professional and prove the evil (resistance) wrong. You might be a student or a business person work hard and overcome your resistance. It will help you STOP procrastinating things up thinking them difficult.

3. Find the art in yourself: we postpone things up because we find them not interesting and difficult. But always try to find some art in yourself while doing anything and watch the result. Doing things with love and perfection makes everything easy. 


We start procrastinating things when we feel there is so much to do or with the fear of not getting our things done perfectly. Here are the 3 steps to help you overcome it.

1. Divide your work: break down your work into small parts no matter what it is. You can schedule it up and follow it strictly and see how easy the work gets completed in time. Prepare a chart or write it up somewhere and start working on it.

2. Keep your task small: yes because we feel our work very difficult we procrastinate. But if you really want to achieve success in all your work whether it is difficult or easy to keep your task small. Don’t force yourself but don’t get over relaxed as well.

3. Recompense yourself: This sounds childish, but it will work. Start rewarding yourself for completing your task in time without procrastinating. You will find your work easier and get a cure from your habit of postponing things out thinking them to be difficult.