We both know how hard it is to deal with a lazy co-worker or a lazy person in general. To get things done from them could rock our tolerance to the core. We will be torn between ‘whether to leave them out’ or ‘to make them work’. Visible truth is, dealing with a lazy person is kind of a mixed bag. It ‘can be’ possible and we ‘can make it’ possible. At the same time, it really could be impossible. There’s nothing much left for us to do.

1. Could be Personal problems

2. Met with Unreachable targets

3. Struggling with some part of the job/work they have

4. If it’s too easy, People become lazy

5. If people are not-valued

6. If there’s a Lack & Difficulty

7. Too much time on Hand

8. Not enough self-esteem, Self-Efficacy

9. No sufficient moral support

10. Monotonous/Same tone of work

11. Failure of Rejection

12. Lack of Interest

13. Procrastination Habit

14. If they don’t know what to do

15. The Attitude of ‘Why Bother’

16. They are just lazy.

    Two things become clear here. There are people who are lazy. There are people who need some extra push to stay away from laziness.

    I hope that the possible reasons we shared here would be relatable to us every day.

    Despite different factors, we still can give some push to motivate lazy persons in life.


    Without a doubt, Intrinsic Motivation is the better one. The ones who are genuinely motivated have succeeded compared with others.

    1. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is not always bad. Reward programs, financial perks could help people do the work with even more enthusiasm.

    2. One type of extrinsic motivation that we saw earlier is ‘Integrated Motivation.’ It could be an alternative when an intrinsic motivation fails or not possible.

    3. To obtain the best results, sometimes external motivations could work.

    4. For a long successful run, you need a self-encouraging intrinsic motivation.

    5. When intrinsic motivation didn’t work out, you can still make people going by giving them the right reasons. The point is, with a little help, extrinsic motivation can also get work done for you here.

    At last, you are the better judge of yourself. You know what works for you and whatnot.

    I am sure that the types of motivation we discussed here will benefit you. It will help you identify the motivation scale that’s around us.

    On that note,

    Any type of Motivation should end up benefitting you and your values. That’s the core of how motivation works. If it’s not beneficial, not positive, and ethical, it’s better to step away from those motivating factors. Don’t matter if they are intrinsic or extrinsic. Sometimes, combining intrinsic and extrinsic could yield better results for you. In the end, you are the perfect judge.


    1. You need to Live and Let Live

    I got my life to battle. You got your own life to battle. It’s an everyday event. Let it be as such. Live and let live.

    2. Take the next small step that you can

    It’s a life lesson that’s right in front of us but we learn it late. Been through so much in life? Don’t know what to do? Take the next step that you can. Calling your friend, eating your favorite food, going out for a walk, stepping out, working out and everything is a small step. Take it! And, with the small steps slowly walk.

    3. Realizing the importance of people around you

    You and I often tend to forget how important the people around us are. They make our life run smoother every day. Your friends and family take care of you. It’s neither money nor anything else. Let’s start realizing how important they are to us. Let’s appreciate little things people do for us. It’s right in front of us. We have to see it sooner and cherish it.

    4. Regrets and Guilt’s are blocking you

    It becomes hard to see the right thing when you are filled with guilt and regret. They both hinder your emotional wellness. Take care of it. Move past your life’s regrets and guilt’s but don’t forget the lessons it gave. Come out of your regrets and guilts as soon as you can.

    5. Little things you do impact your tomorrow

    Including healthy food choices, little things you do today has a big impact on your tomorrow. Starting your exercises today impacts a healthier tomorrow. Saving a little amount of money can help tomorrow. Little things you start today in faith will help you tomorrow.


    The reality here is life always caught us off-guard. It throws unexpected twists and turns in every turn-over. It becomes difficult to anticipate what’s going to happen. Which is why we tend to learn lessons late.

    Furthermore, there are reasons and lessons we learn from the people around us too. The dos and don’ts of life can be learned easily from someone who’s going astray. You don’t need a separate lesson here. Constructive life lessons can be learned early. But, practical and self-realizing life lessons are often too late when we learn. That’s how you make yourself stronger. What’s important is that we should learn our life lessons. It doesn’t matter if it’s late.

    1. You need to Live and Let Live

    2. Take the next small step that you can

    3. Realizing the importance of people around you

    4. Regrets and Guilt’s are blocking you

    5. Little things you do impact your tomorrow

    6. Material things don’t matter that much

    7. Facing the Truth

    8. Fear of embarrassments and criticisms are stopping you

    9. Don’t compare

    10. Do what you feel is right

    11. Sufferings will lead to strength in character

    12. The world is bigger than your problems

    13. Enmity is a total waste of time

    14. Don’t take everything personally

    15. Miracles do happen in a way

    16. Situations change quickly

    17. Time heals wounds

    18. My opinion of yours is not your concern

    19. Ignore the Haters

    20. Identify true people in your life

    21. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

    22. Look for a Silver-Lining

    23. Go with the flow

    24. This Too Shall Pass

    25. Forgive. Don’t Forget

    Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” – Conan O’Brien


    Studies are your assets. Not many people have the chance as you have right now. Remember it. At the same time don’t be too serious about studies. Make your learning fun. Studies are one way of understanding how things work around us. It can get as interesting as possible depending on showing our interest in it.

    On the other hand, honestly, we all tend to procrastinate with studies. It just happens sometimes without any specific reason. That’s okay. Don’t go hard on yourself. Unless you take the first step to study, no motivation could be fruitful here. So, find ways to keep motivating yourself to study. To begin with, follow the tips and ideas we listed here. It will get you started with your studies easily.

    1. Do a Digital Cleaning before Study

      2. Don’t study with Full-Stomach. Don’t study while starving

        3. Gather the necessary things before you sit to study

          4. Go for a quick walk and start

            5. Have Priorities & Don’t Multitask your Studies

              6. Take Notes

                7. Always have a notebook with you

                  8. Divide your study topic into chunks

                    9. Draw your concepts and topics

                      10. Good Study means Good understanding

                        11. Have a Healthy Snack

                          12. Choose your Preferred Study techniques

                            13. Study in Group

                              14. Allocate a Study-Time every day

                                15. A comfortable Study Space

                                  16. Comparison is bad for Studies

                                    17. Audio Methods for your Studies

                                      18. Sometimes you have to force yourself to Study

                                        19. Studying needs patience

                                          20. Will to Study


                                          1. Fitness with your Friends:

                                          Opt for Group Fitness classes. It is fun and you will always look forward to it. You will not get bored. Try it out. Fitness with friends is fun and motivating too.

                                          2. Try Exercise Mix-ups:

                                          You might feel bored and not motivated to exercise if you keep doing the same routine. Mix it up a little bit. For instance, go for an early morning walk. The next day, do yoga. Plan weekly twice or thrice for fun routines like Zumba or other dance fitness programs. Depending upon your convenience, time and ability, mix exercises a little bit to keep going.

                                          3. Knowing Visible Difference:

                                          Get to know people experiencing visible differences due to their exercise routines. Look how fit people find it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle overall. It should motivate you to start exercising. It will at least motivate you to try a simple fitness routine i.e. to start with healthy food choices.

                                          4. Exercising is ‘Self-Care’:

                                          Everything that augments and improves you, on the whole, is a form of self-care. Exercising is one such best way of self-care. Take care of your body as well as you can. It’s the one constant thing that comes with you all along.

                                          5. You can have a fitness role-model:

                                          Fitness role models can sometimes seem too unrealistic for you. Fitness role models are good, but every individual has a unique body system and functioning. You have to choose fitness routines that are good for you and not what your role-model is doing. But yet, take things that you can do. Take things that suit you. Motivate from them but do what is best for you.


                                          1. Don’t Spread Hatred:

                                          Maintain a boundary when it comes to social media. It’s what the people take as a stage to spread all things negative these days. It impacts and influences many people adversely. Don’t be the person spreading hatred in it. “Stop Spreading Negativity”, this is an excellent form of self-motivation you need in life.

                                          Be the person who doesn’t spread negativity in any way. It can be in any way like demotivating people, bad-mouthing or gossiping, spreading rumors, wishing to people bad things, criticizing, putting them in embarrassing situations, being irresponsible, etc. Don’t spread hatred. It makes you a highly motivated individual that people look up to.

                                          2. Retrospection:

                                          To retrospect, yourself is a great way to stay motivated to your own self. Retrospection paves way for understanding your good and bad qualities, past mistakes, past successes & failures, and personal improvement.

                                          Retrospection triggers happy memories in the brain especially when it is about childhood or other happy times you had. Retrospect yourself. It is essential to keep yourself driven and motivated.

                                          3. Take Breaks:

                                          We need short breaks to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. Take short breaks while you are working in the office. Same way, take a short break and spend it for family amidst all other busy things in life.

                                          Taking short breaks whenever possible helps to stay motivated in their life. We can see many people who do things they like by taking short breaks from their careers even.

                                          4. Follow you Passion:

                                          There’s no better Self-Motivation than following your passion. The things you are passionate about bring a high level of self-motivation.

                                          Follow your passion at some point in life. The idea you are passionate about can bring all the motivation you need.


                                          1. Find the ‘One Thing’ that motivates you:

                                          It can be your family, Kids, promotion, business, etc. It varies from each one of us.

                                          For example: For Artists, to put their artwork in a particular art-museum could be the ‘One Thing’ that motivates them. To Parents, their Kid’s education could be that ‘One Thing’. For Travellers, there could be one specific place in the world. Everyone will have that one specific thing. It drives and motivates them. Find that ‘One thing’. It automatically motivates you to work on it.

                                          2. End-Results are Good Motivators:

                                          Look at the end result. Imagine how things will be when you finish what you started amidst all challenges. Knowing the reasons why you are doing things will help you stay motivated in the long-life run.

                                          3. Demotivation Motivates People:

                                          We can see people who have achieved great things after met with humiliations, disrespect, and embarrassments. Demotivating people and their speeches have made people realize their potential. People will be determined to prove them wrong. Disrespect, Demotivation, and humiliation are life’s biggest driving factors for people to stay motivated and achieve their goals.

                                          4. Remind yourself about ‘Why You Have Started’:

                                          Every time you feel down, think of why you have started doing things. The wonderful reason that made you start your work will again motivate you to continue further. Whenever met with failures and difficulties don’t forget to remember why you started. Kindle the inner strength and spirit through self-motivation.

                                          5. Self-Respect is a way of Self-Motivation:

                                          Self motivations take many forms. One such exceptional way of self-motivation is having self-respect. It’s an essential life requirement. People go astray in crossing the line of self-respect often leading the way to arrogance. Respect yourself. At the same time, be watchful in never crossing the line to arrogance.

                                          “Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.” – Leah LaBelle

                                          20 Best Study Tips that Motivated Me to Study
                                          1. Sometimes a short period of time will motivate us to take out our books and start studying.
                                          2. Easy learning techniques like drawing, listening to audio lectures, subject-related podcasts motivate me to study.
                                          3. Allocate a certain period of time every day for studying.
                                          4. Start your study with a favorite subject.
                                          5. Prepare a study-schedule for a week or a minimum of 5 days. Stick to it. You can cover a decent portion of your subjects.
                                          6. Reward yourself after study-sessions. It keeps your spirit up.
                                          7. I track my achievements daily to see how much I have learned and what I have accomplished. I make sure I complete 3-5 tasks from my daily study-schedule. It is useful to motivate me to study.
                                          8. Identify the habits that are robbing your productivity. Begin eliminating them.
                                          9. Set Short-Term and Long-term goals in studies. It helps to get some motivation to study.
                                          10. Build strong habits like self-compassion, No-Comparison, and Self-Belief. Build your Self-esteem.
                                          11. Focus on “Tasks at hand”. Ex: Is your assignment due this week? Have you started your preparations for mock-tests this Friday? Etc. Work on it first. And then go for studies.
                                          12. Keep your study space clean.
                                          13. Go for a walk. Sit peacefully doing nothing in a comfortable space. Breathe deeply. You can clear your head easily.
                                          14. Vagueness in studies will not help. Decide on specific tasks/subjects/topics to cover in your study sessions. Commit it to it. Finish it. Go for the next one.
                                          15. Use Mind maps to connect to different concepts, headings, and divisions in a topic.
                                          16. I take an online quiz/questionnaire related to my subjects. It motivates me to study by focusing on my week areas.
                                          17. Sleep well
                                          18. Don’t eat heavy before you study.
                                          19. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle.
                                          20. Take breaks while studying.
                                          How to Motivate Myself to Study?

                                          1. Tough subjects/concepts in the Early Morning Hours:

                                          Waking up Early morning has proven beneficial for studies and planning. Calmness and zero-disturbance in the early morning hours will give me good focus and motivation. It gives a mental feeling that you have more time to study. That is why I start with tough subjects/concepts. It makes me feel like I have an entire day so I can learn productively by slowly grasping tough concepts.

                                          2. Allocate Study-Sessions.

                                          Allocate some part of the day exclusively for your study-sessions. Study during those hours uninterruptedly. I dedicate 2 hours in the early morning and 1 hour before I sleep for my studying. I make 3 hours of study-sessions in a day. It is easy to motivate myself to study thinking that I have dedicated study-hours. Plus, I have the rest of the day for other activities. It helps me avoid the guilt of not spending time on studies.

                                          3. Break Down:

                                          It helps especially when there is a lot to cover with a subject, projects or assignments, etc. You can break your study tasks based on time-blocks (does it take more time to study or less), easy/difficulty levels, importance, urgency, etc. A simple plan and prioritization easily motivate me to study.

                                          4. Positive Surroundings:

                                          If there’s no change, studies can become a bore and lethargy. Try changing your places. Keep your surroundings clean and free from clutter. Make sure you have suitable writing instruments and study supplies before you study.

                                          5. Do it for yourself.

                                          Remember, you study not for others but for yourself. Top grades are not the only meaning of studies. Broaden your mind to educate yourself with knowledge and skills. You have chosen this education for the purpose of enhancing yourself. This attitude will easily motivate you to study.

                                          “Unsuccessful people make their decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make their decisions based on where they want to be.” – Benjamin Hardy

                                          How to Motivate Yourself to Study?

                                          1. Try Easy Study techniques:

                                          To motivate yourself to study can become hard sometimes. A simple solution is to ask yourself “how can I make my learning easy”? If you can make your learning styles easy, studying becomes interesting and easy for you.

                                          You have different study techniques like mind-mapping, auditory methods (podcasts, speeches), visualization methods, abbreviations/acronyms, note-taking, etc. If you like visualization, you can learn your subjects through flowcharts, doodling, pictorial mind map techniques.

                                          Study-Tip: Adopt a suitable learning style. It helps in motivating yourself to study.

                                          2. Don't Multitask:

                                          Multitasking with subjects will make your studying hard. Also, if you keep procrastinating, you will end up having too much to study. Avoid these two habits.

                                          Study-Tip: Prepare a to-do list. Prioritize your subjects and study schedule.

                                          3. Identify your productive Hours

                                          Another easy way to motivate yourself to study is, identify when you feel productive and active to take out your books and study.

                                          Study-Tip: Early morning hours are best for studying. Depending on your education (school/college), you can pick the evening study hour time.

                                          4. Try POMODORO technique:

                                          A simple way to begin studying is to follow the POMODORO technique. You manage time and studies become productive.

                                          Study-Tip: Finish one or two POMODORO cycles every day exclusively for studying subjects. Don’t include your assignment and other related works. Spend only for studying.

                                          5. Prepare a “Don’t do this” List:

                                          Prepare a list of things you don't want to do while studying. It can be like getting to pick up things often, looking for reference books, stationeries, checking smartphones, etc. Before you sit down to study, avoid these things.

                                          Study-Tip: Mute notifications during your study time. Give a break to your social media and internet media streams. Make sure you convey your study hours so no one disturbs you.

                                          Quote 1:

                                          “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” – Dennis Waitley

                                          The lesson taught by Life: We can hear people saying, "Life is inherently risky. We should avoid risks at all costs. Play it safe". Don't listen to them. Siting in sidelines is not life. To achieve your goals, cross your sidelines, and that is a willing risk you have to take. Also, don't be afraid when people demotivate you saying, "Life is one big risk." Don't settle your goals and dreams for them. Your rewards are in your risks.

                                          Quote 2:

                                          “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can where you are and change the ending.” – C. S. Lewis

                                          The lesson taught by Life: Take care of your Present and future becomes bright.

                                          Quote 3:

                                          “In the Long Run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

                                          The lesson taught by life: Life is a Journey. You grow as you travel.

                                          Quote 4:

                                          “Life is serious of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu.

                                          The lesson taught by life: Sometime, you can't control life. Let go of the control and live the life's flow.

                                          Quote 5:

                                          “Make Mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes courage. You have to fail to practice being brave.” – Mary Tyler Moore

                                          The lesson taught by life: Failures and Pains are the foundation for building courage and powerful will. Don't give up, and don't be afraid when you fail.

                                          1. Truth can never be hidden

                                          One of the best lessons taught by life is, you can never hide the truth. And, you can never escape from the face of truth. The truth eventually comes out in life.

                                          2. No one can Handle your Life than yourself

                                          What happens when life gives you tough situations to face? Only ‘you’ can do it. Of course, your friends and family can help even to a greater extent. You have to handle your life.

                                          3. Don’t Waste your time pleasing others

                                          Life is short. Live your life. Don’t live your life by other’s definitions and expectations.

                                          4. Be Yourself:

                                          By accepting yourself and being yourself you develop self-confidence. You will make yourself happy. A flawed “you” is better than a “perfect lie about yourself”. it’s a wonderful lesson taught by life.

                                          5. You get more by Giving:

                                          Extend your help. Give what you can to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Offer your support to people when they need the most. Be there for people around you.

                                          6. Problems are Temporary:

                                          Problems are temporary. Our life is bigger than that. Your Goal is bigger than that.

                                          7. Money:

                                          Money is not the ultimate. But, you need money to sustain yourself and the people around you.

                                          8. “Feel Good” then Look Good

                                          How you feel is more important than how you look in life. Adopt and reflect a positive mind and heart. That’s what matters. Your look is all secondary.

                                          9. Work Hard:

                                          Be it your education, career, job, life, etc. without hard work success never sustains for a lengthy period of time.

                                          10. Be Good

                                          You don’t have to take a loft effort to be good in life. A random act of kindness is enough. A small help can make people happy.

                                          1. Have Goals in Life:

                                          One of the best feelings in life comes when we achieve what we strived so far in life. That is why you need goals. Your Goals are the best self-motivators. That too, when you have Intriguing and challenging goals in life, you don’t need a better motivation.

                                          Want to wake up early? It’s a goal. Want to major in genetics? It’s a goal. Are you interested in opening a restaurant instead of studying abroad? It’s a goal too. The list can go one. Starting from “what you want to do today” to “How you want your life to be,” everything is a combination of short and long goals.

                                          Set Goals to self-motivate.

                                          2. Pursue a Hobby:

                                          I agree that one cannot always stay positive. Some days are positive, while others can test our patience. How to bring self-motivation here? DO what makes you happy here! Start with your Hobby.

                                          Even if it is a short period, dwell in your hobby when you need some self-motivation.

                                          3. Pursue what makes you happy:

                                          Self-Motivation comes when you have things to achieve out of personal interest. You become highly motivated when you pursue what makes you happy. Imagine your favorite food, favorite subject, dream job, dream career, favorite travel-destination, etc. What happens to your brain? It comes to a self-motivating state. It automatically goes into “how can I achieve" this mode.

                                          4. Gather Positive People in Life:

                                          You need good people in life to motivate yourself to stay on track. Also, inspiring and successful people in life are good self-motivators for us.

                                          5. Learn New Things:

                                          Learning new things, exploring different fields, and gathering more knowledge never goes out of style. Seeking new things in life has been a wonderful self-motivating factor for many people.

                                          “If everything seems to be under control, you’re not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti


                                          1. Limited Distractions for you

                                          Self-motivated people concentrate on positives and don’t spend much time on negative distractions. They don’t tend to encourage distractions.

                                          They focus on what’s important right now, at the moment, and work on it.

                                          Often times, they try to distract themselves from things that are letting them down.

                                          Once they identify what demotivates and distracts them, they will stay away from them. in short, distractions are less for them.

                                          Self-motivated will stay away from distractions in life that bring negative outcomes.

                                          2. Self-Motivated Individuals are Originals

                                          Self-motivated individuals are comfortable with who they are. They inspire people but not imitate people.

                                          They don’t change their goals to please or get validation. They do what feels right to them. At the same time, they do it because it is the right thing to do.

                                          Self-motivation makes you do things that you like and follow the dreams that you have.


                                          1. You don’t need external Supervision

                                          If you are determined from within, there is no need for external factors to guide and motivate you.

                                          External motivation cannot stay permanent. There’s no guarantee that it motivates till the end. To some extent, external factors could work. In due course, they tend to stop their impacts. You will need true self-inspiration to take things forward.

                                          Self-motivation is unique. Self-motivation sustains itself without any external necessities or motivations for long and even till the last.

                                          The innate inspiration will never run out. It will keep taking you forward in your endeavors.

                                          2. Self-Drive lets you accomplish more in a Day

                                          Let’s consider your daily routines. You have your to-do lists and other tasks. You make up your mind to finish the tasks by motivating yourself to do it. It’s a little self-motivation you give to yourself.

                                          For instance, you think about ‘I want to accomplish certain tasks today with no excuses or procrastination’. It’s a little pep talk. Little self-motivation and affirmations like this will help you accomplish so much in a day.


                                          1. Self-Motivation improves Self-Esteem

                                          Self-motivation will keep doubts and insecurities away.

                                          A strong drive from within will be even stronger when it comes to facing difficulties and other negativities. Eventually, your confidence and self-trust get sharpened every time. As a result, you can see incredible confidence and self-esteem.

                                          Self-motivation will help you in looking for the right direction in life. You can see your self-esteem increasing in this process.

                                          Self-motivation will help us in overcoming difficulties, facing negativities, and finally come out successfully. It increases our self-confidence, and in turn, we gain self-esteem.

                                          Knowing that we are working towards our goals, putting our best of effort also is a way of increased self-esteem.

                                          Self-motivation, in a way, is self-discipline too. It helps us in bettering ourselves and structuring ourselves towards good things and positive behaviors. In turn, our self-esteem grows.

                                          You can keep gathering a list like this.

                                          What it shows is, Self-motivation can make all such good things happen to lead to high self-esteem.

                                          2. You will know what you really ‘Want.’

                                          What you need and what you want is different. The ones who are clear and know what they want can tap into the success route easily. Goals become clear, and hence the travel towards it becomes focused.

                                          Self-motivated people will be clear in what they want and where they want to go in their life. Things become easy when you know what you want in life. You can steer clear.

                                          That is why they seem to be focused and driven. Same time, there will be no rush and stress regarding life with them. They could be fun, casual, and, at the same time, stay aware of what is happening in life.

                                          You will know what you want when you are self-motivated and inspired from within.


                                          1. Makes you utilize every opportunity

                                          When you are determined and self-motivated you cannot be stopped. You will look for every opportunity you could get and see what it has in the store for you.

                                          You will leave no stone unturned and turn every rock that you find and look for any good waiting for you.

                                          It seems to be a common thing among all people who are inspired and motivated from the inside. Their curiosity to find and seek opportunities will make them turn every chance they get into something fruitful.

                                          2. You get clarity with Decision Making

                                          Making the right decisions at the right time is essential. You need to consider all the odds and make a decision that gives a fruitful result. Self-motivation can help you with that.

                                          Want to know how?

                                          Self-motivation gives more power and control to you regarding the outcomes. Since no one or nothing is directing you or compelling you, everything depends solely on you.

                                          In a sense, you will be responsible for what you are doing and the aftermath of what’s going to happen. This responsibility will make you and train you to look for the right decisions and the right conclusions. You will consider all variables and won't leave anything behind. Finally, when there’s a need to decide, you tend to do it rightly.

                                          In short, a self-motivation will help you take positive, good decisions at the right times. The uncertainty and doubts will not take place where there is a strong determination from within.

                                          “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.