The experience of using Facebook as an educational toolWhen we say Facebook, the first thing that comes to our mind is a social networking site. We recall Profile pictures, likes, reactions, groups, pages, fan following, posts, check-ins, and live videos. Ever heard of Facebook for educational purposes? How irrelevant, right? In reality, Users can use social networking sites a lot more than only for fun on social networking. Researchers are thinking of Facebook as a new way to unify teaching and students. There are many ways by which we can use Facebook for students. Many colleges in the UK have...View more
Harvard University needs no introduction. Studying at Harvard is a dream only a few manage to fulfill. As hard as it is to be a student here, graduating with a high grade-point-average is a significant achievement. Nevertheless, students studying in other institutions across the world long for and admire the teaching methodology and the immense work that students need to complete their assignments and coursework along with extra-curricular activities. The style of learning at Harvard is mimicked across colleges everywhere and is considered one of the best in the world. If you desire to truly study like a Harvard student,...View more
Sometime or the other most of the people have to do this – write a college application. Writing an essay while applying for admission to a college is an essential part of the college application. The application essay is sure to have a very deep impact on the career advancement of any individual. The writing of the college application essay needs a thorough knowledge and practice, or at least an understanding of what it should cover as its content. An essay is a perfect way of showing the admission officers exactly who you are and what you can do. The...View more
The online student portal is mainly for the convenience of students and schools. Today students are technologically more proficient, accustomed to communicating and socializing online. The students’ portals are an innovative and efficient way of engaging this new generation of students.Student portal: How it worksAlmost all online student portals require the student to enter their username and password. It is just like accessing your own e-mail account except it leads to the tutor database instead, which provides online and home tutor services. Login details can be the student’s own email address or their complete name. All of these, including the...View more
Self-service means the use of doing one’s work oneself. It is the term that most of us regard as synonymous with convenient, quick and hassle-free. Self-service learning is a heroic virtue. It aids in growing one’s strength of mind and making one more self-confident and it also generates within oneself a determination to go ahead independently towards the goal. The student must know how to get things done. Thus, it becomes easier for him/her to accomplish success. What does self-service learning mean?Self-service learning is not a new type of learning skill. Self-service learning is gaining knowledge using online tools. The...View more
People that are new to Sudoku puzzles are going to have great difficulty in solving one. On one side there are so many numbers, and it seems so mathematical. Moreover, on the other side, if you do not have any appropriate solution techniques, it is going to take a lot of guessing and checking as well. In reality, these puzzles are well structured and pretty predictable like general mathematics. There are a few aspects of Sudoku puzzles. Before learning more about them, let’s take a look at some of the basics of Sudoku including the rules, in the game, and...View more
Students propel through the stress and horror of their final exams every year. The worst part is getting the results. People tend to take the grades as a sign of a student’s intelligence. Right from the start of the session, parents and teachers both instruct students to begin studying for exams to ensure that they get good grades. A lot of people may go over the course-books once during the vacations. However, some of us do not want to open them until necessary. Does this mean that the former category is more intelligent than the latter? Obviously, the students who...View more
So today, we are talking about the importance of including meditation in Education. But do you exactly know what meditation is? Those who have never tried meditation and have just observed people trying to meditate must have got the impression that meditation is an activity in which a person sits down on earth for some time with both the eyes closed trying not to speak or utter a word. Is it what you have understood by meditation? If it is so, you need to research more on meditation and understand it more deeply. Let me help you develop an understanding...View more
So you have now opted for biology as the main subject? People choose Biology out of their love for nature or the world around them. But when they start to study, they find the learning of Biology very difficult. Some find it so because of the complex terms used and some for the long-term memorization it demands, and some for various other reasons. It is true that taking the Biology classes or preparing to study biology is as challenging as studying other subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, etc. 10 Tips to improve biology scoresIf you are planning to get...View more
Whenever we are just nodding our heads off or daydreaming, we usually hear people asking if we are really listening to them. It is often thought that listening just means sitting back and the speaker talk. Another thing is that listening is often taken as a passive activity. Whereas listening can be twice as important than talking. Even as a student we are spending most of the time listening, still we may find it difficult to communicate those thoughts in other areas of life. Here are a few points that determine the importance of listening skills and how they can...View more
No matter how foolproof a student's study plan is, remembering things for the examination always seems like a big task. Therefore it is necessary to devise ways and means to remember the information correctly and precisely so that the students can score well in their exams. There are so many textbooks for each subject that complete memorization is not possible. It doesn't matter how hard you try to cram the textbooks. Even if you manage to remember your exam syllabus, the knowledge won't be long-lasting and you won't be able to retain the information for a longer duration. In order...View more
A group discussion is the formal or informal group of individuals with similar area interest, holding the verbal or non-verbal conversation on the subject. This is a very common practice followed in organizations to come up with the idea, solve an issue, or generate an opinion. It is a very positive approach to create understanding and learning. Thus can be utilized into the education mechanism for enhancing the students' analytical, cognitive and logical skills. Group discussionThe organizations, thus, are actively holding group discussion sessions for their students. If not, in the classroom, through different online platforms like discussion forums, WhatsApp...View more
Why YouTube is important for teachers and students
It is a well-known fact that eLearning via videos is a compelling method of learning. eLearning adds a dynamic element to the studies, improves the transmission of knowledge, makes complex procedures more accessible to understand, and helps in the explanation of trying to understand topics.One notable feature is that they are entertaining to watch and can be seen as many times as the learner wishes. This is the reason as to why video-sharing websites such as YouTube can give so many opportunities to increase and enhance the knowledge of the study course. By using the unlimited videos you might find...View more
A university is an educational institution providing higher education to the students. It is usually associated with undergraduate and postgraduate education. It awards degrees to the students excelling in various disciplines such as humanities, sciences, commerce, professional courses, and engineering.The emphasis of universities has always been on research-oriented education and academic excellence. The varsities promoting ground-breaking research and out-of-the-way thoughts excel when it comes to the promulgation of innovative ideas. A university may have thousands of students enrolled in it studying different disciplines wanting to have a bright future ahead. A reputed university is always a much sought after educational...View more
Infographics are presentations of data or information that use parts of designs to show the content. They articulate complex messages to the reader in a way that improves their understanding. Usually, a written article when additionally presented with images works like an extension to the article itself. Infographics, on the other hand, put across a self-enclosed message or a principle. For example, when we read a road sign, it has to have a simple and accurate message if it will have too much information we won’t read it. But when the same information is presented in a compressed manner and...View more
Thomas A. Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Success does not happen overnight but requires continuous perseverance and an attitude of never giving up. To succeed you need a mindset that is optimistic and strong-willed. The success rate of those who try more is always higher unless in exceptional cases.What is the growth mindsetThe behavior of individuals can be either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset about anything. The mindset of students that describe the belief of students about their learning and...View more
The Top 10 Things Everybody Should Experience in Life
Experience is your skill or ability or the knowledge that you acquire with the passage of time. You gain experience because you have been doing something for quite a long time now. You can make up your life, philosophies, or your character with past events, knowledge, and feelings which is what is significantly referred to as having gained experience.Experience in life is the basket of knowledge and the wealth of wisdom that you gained through living all these times. You have gained experience in life either on your own or perhaps from life stories of others whom you have crossed...View more
8 ways to increase your IQ level
IQ is an acronym that stands for Intelligence Quotient. Your IQ is the statistical score of your intelligence. Basically, IQ is a measurement of your smartness, nothing but your capacity in cracking the logic, your understanding abilities, your self-awareness, your emotional, reasoning, creative knowledge, and your ability on self-reliance backed by emotional know-how and problem-solving mindset.Your IQ score can be arrived at if you undergo an intelligence test. The average known IQ score is 100. If you happen to achieve a score over and above 100, it means you are smarter than an average intelligent person. And on the other...View more
Useful skills you can learn within 5 minutes
Skills are your abilities to carry out specific actions with determined results. Skill is the infusion of expertise in delivering a difficult task. When you utilize your knowledge effectively and are ready to perform right away, it means you are skilled.Mastering skills can vary anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of months. Depending on the field or the area you want to expertise, the training time differs.Basically, you have to understand the fact that life is a journey that needs fueling by learning. Right from your birth till you grow old, at different stages of life, you get...View more


I have asked at least ten students from different levels why they want to succeed in their studies. Most answered that it was the pressing globalization and the kind of working system that strives them to succeed. Gone were the days of compliant and obedient workers, so they must be aggressive to push themselves to advance in knowledge and skills.

So I followed my question with what inspires them to study hard. And here are the six summarized factors that drive them to success.

1. Disposition and Commitment. Pursuing success is like entering a battlefield. You must be ready and committed to surpassing the struggle; hence your motivation must not stop on a single victory or defeat.

2. Perseverance. Don't quit easily. Either you lose now or be victorious forever.

3. Strong willpower. Restrain yourself from distractions and resolve the obstacle with firmness.

4. Engagement. Engage yourself in any active and experiential learning to increase your motivation and focus.

5. Powerhouse. Strive to lead an organization to influence people as you lay the groundwork of your future in leadership. However, manage your time properly as success is achieved after careful planning.

6. Lastly, have faith in yourself. You can. You will.