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Success is a pyramid. Something that begins from the ground but ends at a peak. Where opportunities narrow down gradually when u move to the top. Something that is made always with the desire of the architect. Artichect is any individual who wishes to create the pyramid. Never can he ever put the milestone and simply create the peak without putting every brick and cementing it with concrete and plaster. That being his efforts.

Success can only be acheived when u believe. Belief is not a word but a feeling. The intangible product of your hardwork is what makes belief stronger. Believe in urself and nobody can stop you. Live ur life. Move on. Have patience. Create Belief. And to cover it up, Cement it with ur efforts. The pyramid is now yours to own. Live in it and have a beautiful life. Enjoy the essence and never stop asking for more without walking with pride or prejudice.

To get to the top of the mountain you have to be climbing on solid foundations. You have to find a way to consider yourself as a person of faith. Goals achieved with little effort are seldom lasting. If you try at your best level, you will never fail. People who avail possible opportunities never fail. Success is hard work. It needs a lot of work. One who believes that it's hard to achieve or its taking too long to achieve will never succeed. You need patience in order to achieve success. One who shows patience never fails. Success is all about hardwork, commitment and patience. Success can be experienced every day through small achievements. Every successful person believes that there is a purpose behind every situation. Always focus on the good that comes out of you.


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