Why YouTube is important for teachers and students

It is a well-known fact that eLearning via videos is a compelling method of learning. eLearning adds a dynamic element to the studies, improves the transmission of knowledge, makes complex procedures more accessible to understand, and helps in the explanation of trying to understand topics.

One notable feature is that they are entertaining to watch and can be seen as many times as the learner wishes. This is the reason as to why video-sharing websites such as YouTube can give so many opportunities to increase and enhance the knowledge of the study course. By using the unlimited videos you might find an individual can make their video and upload it to YouTube so that many other students from around the world can get some help with their studies.

An important thing that should be taken into account is to ensure the videos must be in line with the needed learning result. One should also make sure that they are appropriate for the audiences.

Importance of YouTube in learning:

A great revolution that has been brought about in the field of education is on YouTube. Now education is closely related to YouTube. It’s a video sharing website that provides good quality education that has been developed a lot during the past few years. In the modern era that we live in today, YouTube is a great place. By using YouTube, a student from one country can have access to education from another country. Therefore, learning on Youtube has gained tremendous importance.

Students don’t have to go outside or spend a fortune to learn the required chapters. So learners can save both their time and money. If a student is not able to understand a concept they have an option to watch it again.

Teachers can provide good quality education which is not able to reach many students in a traditional way. There is no requirement of any classroom, benches, or other school materials to learn anything. Only a robust and reliable internet connection and a smartphone are needed.

Since the visuals are more effective in the minds of the children, it makes YouTube education more potent than any other resource. Children give much more attention to the videos than those in the traditional teaching environment. This makes learning comfortable and easy.

For any kind of information or clarification on a topic, students just have to search for Youtube by entering the desired title and a number of videos with similar information will pop up on the screen. By the observed usage of YouTube video views, the entire world is turning into a classroom where some people are teachers and the rest are students.

This virtual classroom of YouTube is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for everyone. Due to its increased popularity, almost all phones come with a pre-installed YouTube app.

With the help of YouTube, the teachers are striving hard to provide quality teaching to students. Some of them also upload videos of their lectures so that their students can clarify doubts online. According to the curriculum the students can be directed to YouTube as a resource to find out information that is interesting and important to them. If the students are working on a more self-directed project or have an individual passion that they want to explore, parents and teachers can encourage them to take advantage of YouTube as much as they can.

8 important reasons why YouTube should be part of your learning:

Here we share with you the main 8 reasons why you must use YouTube for your learning so that you can enhance your knowledge and solve most of your difficulties.

Easy to incorporate:

Due to the variation in authoring tools and learning management systems, adding various Youtube videos to your current course is an easy and convenient thing to do. With the help of YouTube videos, you may introduce a topic, encourage the learners, explain an activity that is online, or just make it an extension of your eLearning syllabus. It is capable of spicing up a student’s academics and sparks their interest.

Create a community:

The best thing about YouTube is that everyone has a voice. By using it as a social learning platform, you have the opportunity to make a strong eLearning community where people can share their thoughts, ideas, contribute, and comment. Most of the schools and coaching centers require their teachers to be qualified and experience. But on Youtube, even the students can help out others by uploading their videos regardless of their qualifications. If you have the knowledge, Youtube gives you a platform to share it with the world.

It encourages online discussions:

There is entirely no doubt about it that eLearning videos are beneficial for analysis and debates. Once people have viewed a video on YouTube, they can initiate an online discussion by asking viewers to add their thoughts and some information about the topic.

For example, what they liked or dislike the video. Do they need more clarity on the topic? Is there anything they want to add, etc. You might ask them to share other videos that they might have seen that can extend the online discussions. This will surely encourage people to give their point of view as video increase the interest level of people by providing different perspectives.

Easy to access:

When you upload content on YouTube, it immediately makes it available throughout the YouTube network. This makes it so easy for learners to view through their tablets and mobile phones. It doesn’t make any difference as to how small the screen is. YouTube can be used for sharing online videos, creating and sharing presentations, and getting learners to take part actively by asking them to comment.

Microlearning is allowed on YouTube:

YouTube does allow short, practical, and instructional videos on the website. Microlearning videos make sure that complicated process and demonstrations of particular skills are shown in a way that increases the knowledge and strengthens the base of the student. Since YouTube gives the option of watching longer videos in short segments, you will be able to understand the information being offered.

Encourages Note making skill:

As we need to analyze information and focus on essential points to help deal with the vast knowledge, note-taking skills are vital for both students and employees. YouTube videos are used as a part of the learning course, these videos encourage the viewers to develop their note-taking skills.

The crucial points can be written by viewing, rewinding, and replaying the YouTube videos again and again as many times as the viewer wishes to do so. Even online assignments can be made based on the videos, for example, you may ask the learners about specific information that they might have observed in the video.

Increases comprehension of complex subjects:

Some of the concepts might be difficult to explain. By using YouTube as a library to support your course by giving the learners access to its videos, it allows you to define a procedure especially for corporate training and guide the viewers in the step by step way, thus making it more useful. Visual learning helps the students to acquire and retain knowledge easily and also assists in developing particular skills, as the most effective way of putting a message across is by demonstrating it.

Helps learners to make their videos:

When you ask the students to be involved in and produce a video as an assignment, it is going to enhance their creativity and literacy, and also the vital information that they had learned can be retained. The most important thing here is that it must be ensured that the students are given clear guidance to help them make an expected informational video. The tools and resources should be provided well to them. You can also use the students' videos to enhance the exchange of feedback among the learners. This practice will eventually promote discussions and increase information retention for a longer time.

Why teachers need to make informative YouTube for students:

School teachers and parents might consider unblocking YouTube as it is usually blocked in most of the schools presently. This is a free medium to make the lessons come alive. All that is needed is a Wi-fi connection, most of the classrooms do go with it, but some more essential tools like iPad, Apple TV, and Chromebook will help keep the learners more engaged. Here we provide some more points that will give a better logic as to why YouTube should be used in the classrooms and why teachers should find it beneficial to use.

Visually stimulated videos and presentation helps to keep the students interested and engaged in the topic.

All over the world, it becomes effortless to share the lessons, and students themselves can upload videos which will increase their understanding as well.

Teachers will now have more time to focus on the students than spending time just explaining complex and challenging topics.

Now teachers will have access to a whole library of free information to help with an explanation of almost anything.

How you can use YouTube in the classroom:

There are many ways by which teachers may use YouTube in their classrooms. You can easily download these videos and show them at the time of the class. You might use a video to make a flipped classroom with absolute ease. But it’s essential that the teacher has seen the footage thoroughly before they show it to the class.

Even when you download it for offline usage, it’s crucial that you are not surprised by what is being shown. Make sure you don’t completely replace the lesson with the YouTube videos. The videos should be supplemented with your lesson plan that is short and gives an insight that you usually are not able to provide while you teach a particular topic. In short, to add interest to your class choose a quick video that adds to or supports the information regarding the lesson you are teaching.

Student benefits to learning from YouTube:

There are numerous ways by which YouTube has gained immense importance in learning, some of which are discussed below:

  • It provides various teaching videos and helps the students learn. It doesn’t matter whether they are sitting in another part of the world.
  • The students will have easy access to the source of learning anytime that they want and that too it is free.
  • YouTube has many videos that can help in improving skills that are required by the students.
  • YouTube also saves the time and budget of people.
  • It is one of the most significant sources of information that is easy to understand and learn.
  • YouTube has a digital library that has both image and sound.
  • Students may replay the video to clear the concepts as many numbers of times as they wish.
  • Children of any age can enjoy the learning process as it is quite an entertaining mode of education. Many skills can be improved by using the website.

In conclusion, now it is well understood that the use of YouTube in learning or making it a part of your course will successfully deliver the most strong media communication to learners all over the world. Today education is becoming more developed with the help of YouTube, and the important thing is that no fee has to be charged. This means that learning, the most crucial asset is free of cost.

YouTube plays a vital role to improve education. It almost seems that the website makes a single global virtual school where students from all over the world can learn together. With the help of YouTube, education and every field are enhanced day by day. Considering all the endless boons that YouTube has to offer in the area of education, it is not an exaggeration to say that YouTube has become the master of all social media.

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