Importance of Study Notes: Maximizing Learning Effectiveness

Importance of Study Notes: Maximizing Learning Effectiveness


Many students find making notes a troublesome act. With proper study notes, studying and passing exams becomes easier and that too with good marks. More importantly, it makes learning more fun. A good example of an integral study habit that students must have is to make study notes. Studying has shown that writing whether done with pen or typing with a keyboard brings into play different cognitive processes. It allows for increased learning as it develops thinking, reasoning, imagining, and remembering.

Importance of note-taking skills to a student

Students may have different ways of making notes, but it is always encouraged. With this habit, one is able to improve his ability to summarize information and comprehend it. Studies show that students who find their lessons interesting are more likely to make more detailed study notes.

Advantages of note-taking

Making notes forces you to interpret everything to read into your own words so that you understand things better. There are times when students blankly read the entire page without understanding a single word, but if you are making notes, your brain will try to squeeze meaning out of every sentence, which is beneficial for students.

Study notes keep track of all the information they have learned. It acts as a ready referral to go through while preparing for exam time.

Writing notes while studying saves students' energy and time during the exam and is an easier way to recall things in less time. Study notes not only help students cram up things, but they can write swiftly in the exam when they come prepared by reading their study notes. Listed below are some of the benefits of study notes.

Improve memory

Writing study notes on paper improves memory, allowing the students to study more when studying and reducing the chances of forgetting.

Study notes increase attention

Practicing proper study note-taking increases attention to detail as well as the focus of the students. Students who have good focus are more likely to do better in exams.

The top reason for note-taking: Promotes learning

Making study notes stimulates that part of the brain that promotes learning. Like every muscle in the body, the brain can be trained to learn easily in order to absorb new and more information quickly.

You use more of your brain when you prepare study notes

When you write study notes while listening, you tend to make the notes by summarizing, editing and retaining only the most important information.

Increase attention span

With respect to learning, study notes also promote retention. While learning is an imperative part of tutoring, retention is a necessary end goal.

Making study notes promotes positive memory as well as the ability to retain information because the mind becomes an active component in studying. Not only do the students understand things better while writing in their own words and handwriting, but they also retain them for a longer time.

Organize study material

Making study notes passively increases the likelihood of the students becoming more organized. Being organized allows students to prioritize tasks and finish work on time.

There are many benefits of studying notes, but practicing proper note-taking is a necessary skill that students should adopt in themselves.

Separate key points from supporting material:

When we are in the higher classes, the course material seems endless. There seems to be no limit to how much one can learn.

When one takes proper notes in class, he/she will be able to identify the key points and separate the other stuff easily. This helps to save time and makes the learning process quick.

Teachers suggest a lot of books for succeeding during the exams. But is it possible to revise all the books at the last moment of examination? No, it is impossible.

Here, effective note-making techniques help a student. You know, some of the successful students summarize the entire book in the short notes form in such an effective way that once we read those notes at the last moment, we are able to recall and memorize the whole book.

Make divisions in the supporting detail and help to identify it whenever needed:

Sometimes, we need to find examples of some process, or we just need an explanation of something and nothing more. In such situations, notes help a lot.

Those who take notes effectively have a habit of categorizing the information properly. One can easily identify and separate examples, diagrams, explanations, and other things. This helps save time and effort. One can easily recall only that part from the notes that he/she needs.

Notes can be taken anywhere and help in the longer run:

The best thing about taking notes is that they can be taken anywhere. It can be taken while attending lectures, doing laboratory practicals, participating in any tutorial or classroom activity, reading a book, etc.

The purpose of note-taking is to make the learning process easier and faster. Notes can be taken anywhere. Suppose you somehow do not get the chance to attend the class, you can write down the notes later while taking part in some related classroom activity. This helps to get you a clue about what was being taught.

Reduces the information is able to memorize form:

This is the major benefit of note-taking. We have discussed it before also. How can we revise all the concepts learned during the entire year on the last day?

The books are very bulky and cannot be read in a day or two before the exams, but notes can be read in two days as it reduces all the information gathered from the book/lecture into a manageable size.

Makes the revision process quick:

When one makes the notes with all the concentration, he remembers most part of it. It just requires a quick revision to recall all that has been learned. Notes make this process of recall easy.

One can easily revise the precise notes in a day or two. This helps one to recall all he/she has read and learned for the entire year. Once they get the hint, the students are quick to recall the entire material. Notes are just those hints. This really quickens the process of revision and recall.

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