Why Learning from Failure is Important?

Why Learning from Failure is Important?

Why Learning from Failure is Important?

I get it. You don’t want to lose. I don’t want to lose. Neither of us willingly wants to fail, is it?

But we can’t deny the reality either. You have to face your failures and your fears in life to come out successful. There’s no escaping from it.

You might ask, “Failure is a de-motivating feeling, and what is there to learn?”

This is where we like to differ.

Failure is “not a negative-emotional package” as it appears or seems to us.
Failure hurts. We’ll give you that. But it is not bad. It is not the end. You just have to stand up to it.

This is the attitude we like to help you bring.

Here are 8 actual reasons that will tell you why learning from failure is important in life for us.

Let’s get going.

8 Reasons Why Learning from Failure is important

1. Failure – A life’s Reality

No matter how meticulous we make everything, things may not go as planned.

Despite a well-constructed plan, there could be a little slip somewhere.

Failure is a part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t mean you have to settle with it. You only have to accept that it is natural to fail, and it doesn’t make you any less.

Failure is a reality even though we don't like it.

2. Failure is a Hint - A Temporary setback.

When you look into your failures closely,

It will tell you what you missed, where you went wrong, where you can narrow your efforts, what is holding you back.

That is why; take your failure as a hint or as a temporary setback. So you don’t have to screw up again.

3. Failures will change your perspective.

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.” – Haruki Murakami.

Failure is all about that change.

You will not be the same person once you come out of your life’s difficulties. You will change. Your views and perceptions on success, people, surroundings, relationships, etc., will take a real turn.

Have you thought about how you once used to be and how you are now?

Something molded you. Something strengthened you mentally. Something told you to push the boundaries. That ‘something’ will be your failures, embarrassments, rejections, difficulties, and challenges in life.

The important thing you will learn from failure is, you will see the actual world.

4. Failure builds inner-resilience

Resilience is your ability to bounce back. Resilience is your grit, determination, and perseverance to go through tough times in life. Failure will build you this.

Resilience is the key to living a successful life. It doesn’t come easy.

The mental strength and the grit to pursue despite all odds can only be possible when you see failure face to face.

Hard roads and failures in life will nurture the grit and resilience one needs in life.

5. Failure keeps your Ego in check.

The ones who get everything learn nothing.

If everything is handed over to you on a platter, if everything goes like a fairy tale’s happy ending, you will never know the value of anything.

The downside of getting everything without a struggle is, you unconsciously or consciously feed your ego. Anything that feeds your ego is bad.

You need some ‘reality-check now and then’ to keep your ego in check and keep you on track.

An important lesson you’ll learn from failure is, you will keep your ego in check. You know that you are not the boss of everything.

6. Failure identifies your flaws.

Someone has to make you realize what you are doing wrong, right? Your failure does exactly that to you.

Your failure will help you learn your imperfections. You will know what the flaw is and where the flaw is.

7. Failures help you Re-Strategize

You don’t know what the winning formula is until you try, fail, learn, and re-strategize.

Every success in every area results from constantly trying, learning, and re-strategizing.

We can all agree to it. Re-working, Re-Strategizing are some of the best life lessons we can learn from our failures.

8. You will have the chance to know what you want.

Failure is good in a way that you will know what you want.

You will get a hint about ‘okay, maybe this is not me.’

Reasons like lack of interest, zero-enthusiasm, lack of purpose, doing to impress others, etc., can bring major setbacks in your endeavors. It is during those times; you have to self-analyze and see if this is what you want.

If this is what you want, then take your setbacks as lessons. You now have a genuine life-experience that will help you from failing again. Else, you will know by now that this is not for you. Either way, failure will do you good.

Take some time to calm yourself. Decide what the right way is.

To summarize:

Hearing just the word, ‘failure’ invokes different negative emotions in us. But we don’t understand that life doesn’t function without failures. It’s okay to fail. Take a break. Process what’s going on and learn what the failure is telling you.