How To Reply 'Why Do You Want This Job?'

How To Reply 'Why Do You Want This Job?'


When you are preparing for an interview, you should be ready to face all kinds of questions that are normally asked. The interviewer has some questions that are asked in almost every other interview. Questions like, "Why should we hire you?" " What do you want to gain from this job" and similar questions. One of them is, "Why do you want this job?". They generally ask this question to check what encourages you to come for this interview.

Additionally, they simply want to check your motivation and agenda for applying for a particular job. Besides, they would like to know how serious you are about the job.

Your selection or entry into the company is decided by precisely the answer that you give to this one question. It's all up to you on how to impress the interviewer. A great and power-packed answer will open the gates of your dream job.

On the other hand, if your reply doesn't seem genuine, it will work the opposite way. Simply make sure that you are confident enough about the answer that you give.

Here are some of the appropriate answers that you can give to the interviewer.

Answer 1:

"I have been expecting this question from you. I would like to clarify that the opening at your esteemed organization has the right kind of potential where I can use my skill set.

Additionally, it will also give my confidence a boost. This platform will allow me to showcase my skills at it's best and bring out the best in me.

Your organization will give me an excellent opportunity for my profession and a great work environment where I can work with experienced professionals. I can exhibit my skills to the full potential.

If given a chance to work in this esteemed organization, I am sure I will grow as a person as well as contribute to the development of the organization.

Questions like " What do you want to gain from this job?" are asked to know your true intentions. The interviewer wants to know whether you will be of any help in the betterment of the organization.

Your answer to these questions will help you land a job in these companies. Make sure to always prepare well before an interview.

Let's look at some other responses that you can give to win the hearts of the interviewer.

Answer 2:

"I'm sure that I need to build a great career in the domain that I am now in. My current job has shown me the right way to move ahead and use my skills to the best use.

Now, I feel I have the right skill set and have the correct prepping to work in a corporate environment. It is crucial that I establish myself according to the requirements that will help me achieve my long term goals in life.

I strongly feel that the opening in your company will actually guarantee that my objectives are met. This is a dream job for me that will create a strong professional life foundation. This is the best answer that I can come up with your "Why should we hire you?".

Answer 3:

I think there comes the point in every person's life where they wish for the better. They aim for the higher and have long term goals.

This job opportunity is exactly what will help me achieve my goals. Though the job role is quite a challenge, there is no fun without learning. I love to challenge myself as a person, and this job opening does exactly that.

I need to stand up against this challenge and prove myself. This will give me an opportunity to better myself. This opportunity will boost my confidence and shape my career in the future.

It will motivate me to work hard and gain more knowledge in this field. I'm currently looking for a challenging job that will make me want to excel.

Answer 4:

The ocean of opportunities that this particular job offers is the prime reason why I was attracted to it. Working in such a reputed organization is definitely a dream come true for me.

This opportunity is something that every employee would love to experience. This job will help me pave my path and shape me professionally.

The job role is challenging and encourages me to give my best to the organization. The job offers the correct working environment wherein I can learn from the seniors and keep improving my skills.

Since the competition level is high, it will certainly be a learning experience. Working with such experienced people will definitely encourage me to free my boundaries and learn something new each day. Thank you.

Answer 5:

The world is advancing every single day, and this is the most important reason why I would like to advance in my career. This job role will let me explore the different nuances of the corporate world.

Additionally, it will help me handle higher responsibilities that will boost me to deliver my best to the job and the organization. The skills that I learn now will prove to be important at a later stage in life.

I do not wish to remain stagnant like how I feel currently and would like to make some progress professionally. I believe that I am a quick learner and grasp things quickly, which will prove effective in learning new things.

In addition, to be a part of such a great organization will definitely prove to skyrocket my professional career. If given a chance to work in your organization, I assure you that I won't be a disappointment and work hard towards my goals. That's all I can think of right now. Thank you.

These are some of the appropriate answers you can give when you are asked this kind of question. Making an impact is crucial when it comes to cracking interviews. That is the only way you can land the job of your dreams.

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