What is the secret of Insane Productivity?

What is the secret of Insane Productivity?


The key to productivity is an ongoing process. You keep enhancing yourself every day, and in every chance you get. You keep going. You keep moving forwards with focus. To keep correcting the mistakes, to learn, to be more inclusive all together contributes successful productivity. Good productivity is neither a final destination nor does it stop at some point. I think ‘to keep going’ and ‘to keep doing’ is the main secret behind insane productivity.

We have structured the article into three steps for you.

First, it’s about understanding how good productivity works.

Second, it’s about the different strategies, techniques, and tips to help you boost your productivity levels.

The third and final one is about why you shouldn’t equate self-worth to Productivity.

Let’s get started.

1. Understand how Productivity Works:

The Key to Insane Productivity is more than Tactics & Strategies. As soon as people hear about productivity, they often think about ‘what steps do I need to follow?’ or ‘What strategies do I need to use to achieve productivity?’

It’s not that.

Any tips and strategies will only help you in moving from one phase to another phase or create a new space for executing things. But without a purpose or a solid goal, nothing can work.

What you need most is a ‘solid base’. Only then, you can design, build, enhance, and strengthen your strategies. Only with concrete foundations or goals, you can take things further and build things stronger. Good Productivity is exactly that.

Unless you don’t know what you will be working on, no amount of productivity techniques will work. Learning “what we need to do” before “we start to do it” is important for productivity to function well.

To make things easier to understand, here are 5 things that are making people unproductive.

i) If they don’t know what to do.

ii) If they don’t know where to start.

iii) If there’s no clarity and understanding of what they need to do or what should be done while facing different situations.

iv) If there’s no end goal. Goal size is not an issue here. Not having at least a little goal or a task-to-complete is the issue.

v) Unclear about where they want to reach. There should be some results that you will need.

vi) If they don’t understand what’s hindering them from being productive. No reflections mean there are no positive outcomes.

It can be small or it can be big. Be clear about “what you need?”, “what you want?” and “how you want”. This is how productivity works for us all.


2. Tips, Strategies, and Techniques to help you reach Insane Levels of Productivity

We don’t have to worry about superheroes or super achievers and nor their astonishing levels of productivity. Everyone has their individualities and productivity levels. We cannot harbor other’s productivity and expect the results that they achieved.

We are who we are to the best of our abilities. Let’s focus on what we can do to shoot our productivity levels higher and aim for the best of the results. The comparison doesn’t work when it comes to productivity. Let’s do what we can with the best of all our abilities to meet exceptional productivity.

Having said that all, here are:

18 Ways to Reach Insane Levels of Productivity

1. Instill Learning Habits:

Keep learning. Keep learning foam your mistakes and from your past experiences. Same way, keep learning new things. It’s good to say “I’m learning it”, “I think I am getting the hang of this”. Instead, let’s not say “I don’t know how to do it” or “I don’t know if I can do it” or “I am not good at doing it”. Learn. Constant learning is constant growth. Your level of productivity intensifies with more knowledge you gain and gather.

2. Little things Daily:

Start with little things. Before night, note down the things that you want to ‘do’ or ‘complete’ the next day. The next day, execute what’s written on your list. Do it without fail the next day.

Review everyday night how you have completed it. Ask yourself questions like ‘did you do it?’, ‘Why didn’t you do it’, ‘what stopped you from doing it’, ‘were there any difficulties in doing it, etc. analyze the answers for the questions. Correct the mistakes.

This act of ‘achieving little things’ every day is a little secret to insane productivity over time. In the beginning, limit yourself in doing two to three things daily without fail. See how you are doing it. Gradually, you can increase more tasks. That too, those tasks should be of importance to you and not everyday wear and tears. As you go, move from little to medium to big things that you want to do.

3. Use Your Willpower Wisely

We don’t have all day to hold our willpower together. At some point, our will goes down. It’s a practical truth we face every day. At some point in a day, our willpower will be strong. We tend to be more productive. At other times, we tend to lose willpower. Productivity will either stagnate or declines completely. This is why you need to use your willpower wisely to enhancement your output levels.

Clever use of Willpower is a secret that insanely productive people practice in their life. They hold their willpower to do things of utmost importance. They divert their willpower and active productive hours towards their dreams and goals. They don’t spend it on unnecessary hustle and bustle.

Start with your to-do lists. Identify the important ones. Bring the will to finish them first and let consequent tasks come second. Use your willpower wisely. Don’t squander it on distractions and tasks that drain you physically, emotionally, and productively.

4. Understand What’s Important

You can easily gain a good start with it. Productivity needs a good understanding of what has to be done. Some people have the habit of writing it down in their journals. Other, write it on a piece of paper or sticky notes and take it to wherever they go. Understand what’s important to you and what’s valuable to you.

Starting with a job, finances, education, family, relationships, etc. people have different importance in life. Tap into what’s important for you. Work on improving it. For instance, in your job, the work you do is what’s important. Worrying about other things will decline your productivity. Distractions will be easy. Realize what’s important and do it at the job.

Same way, let’s take your finances. They are important for everyone. Do things that will take care of your finances like savings, good investments, etc. Same way, take Friendship or any relationship. It’s important in life. Recognize how important it is to have good people around in life. Take care of it. You can go on like this. Point is, understand what’s important. Working towards it is essential. It lifts your productively levels higher.

5. Remove Ambiguity

The doubts, vagueness, and uncertainties should be removed to double your productivity levels. Know where to start and how to start at least to a certain extent if not fully about it. More doubts and uncertainties reflect your lack of knowledge, confidence, and efforts.

Remove the ambiguities you have. Eventually, you will gain a sense of freedom to get things done. You become productive when you leave confusion, dilemmas, and doubts at bay. Try. Don’t worry about the results. Instead, if you hesitate or bring a dilemma to even give a try there is no good productivity.

6. Handle your Ego Depletion

It’s another technique that highly productive and successful people follow in their life. Who knows, it might be the secret to insane productivity of them.

To explain the techniques, here’s an example.

The night before, you may write all things down to be done. The next day morning you will be pumped and feel optimistic about completing your To-Do lists. You will be hyped to tick all the checks and get things done. You will tell yourself that “I am doing it. No excuses”. But, for whatever reasons you end up “Not Completing” your To-Do lists. You become upset. You immediately curl yourself from further doing anything productive.

It’s what people call ‘ego depletion’ in you. Unable to complete tasks amidst all the planning strokes your ego. Some people can handle it, while others take it seriously.

Don’t be so.

Handle your ego depletion well. For that, take your To-Do list. Concentrate on what’s important. From that, prioritize your tasks. Identify a task that has to be done sooner. Execute the tasks based on importance and priority. At the end of the day, there will be no place for ego depletion. There will be at least one productive outcome instead of nothing.

7. Be Clear

Let’s understand this productivity technique with an example.

Scenario 1:

The individual is like “where do I start” and “what do I need to begin”.

Scenario 2:

The individual is like “I need to file this report”, “I need to gather people for meetings”, “I need to do some research to get things going” etc.

Given the two scenarios, which individual do you think will be more productive? It’s the second one.

We don’t say that scenario 1 is bad. But, scenario 2 knows what is to be done clearly and where to start. It saves time. It brings focus. Getting things done is faster and easier. Time and efforts spent will not go unrewarded. At the end of the day, the individual goes home doing some productive things. Be clear in what you need before you start to do. Clarity boosts your productivity top notch.

8. Inspire from People

We all have thoughts and plans in mind. Some people would have already kick-started it. Inspire from people who are doers. We will be starting while the other person would have gone halfway. Learn what inspired and motivated them. Absorb how people are doing work. Learn all their positives. We may tend to be messy. Inspire from people who handle things neatly.

Grasp from people who are simplifiers and not maximize problems. Taking good things from people around us can motivate us to be more productive.

9. No Comparisons & Imitations

It’s the biggest secret behind the insane productivity of successful people. Inspiration is different. While, comparing, replicating, and impersonating someone is different. Don’t confuse comparisons or imitations here.

Get inspired by people. Instead, don’t compare or don’t imitate people to go with your productivity. Every individual is different. Capacity is different. What works for you may not work for my kind of life and work. Don’t stress yourself with comparisons and imitations. it brings down your productivity.

10. Build a Dynamic Routine

A dynamic and fruitful routine can help you stay productive. It eliminates the need for constant decision making, planning, and wastage of time. Build a dynamic routine for you in two ways.

First, the routine should be related to taking care of your physical and mental health.

Second, your routine should be built wholly for your productivity.

Following a routine is another form of being productive for the entire day. Fruitful routines will ensure a minimum guarantee of getting things done. It helps in boosting your productivity levels.

11. Take important Decisions

We tend to spend too much deciding what to wear, where to go, what to eat for lunch etc. In the meantime, we tend to lose focus on important decisions. We have too many important decisions to make. Let’s not spend it on unnecessary things.

Upon waking up, the day starts for us all. Concentrate on what’s important and make the decisions. Instead, if we spend too much time over unnecessary things, we miss out details. What’s important in the hand will be less focused.

The clarity in the decision and knowing when to take the right decisions are key rules followed by insanely productive people. In short, good decision making over important and prioritized tasks triggers your productivity levels higher.

12. Manage your Time

Time is one of the key components in achieving increased levels of productivity. Manage your time well. You can easily manage any kind of tasks ranging from simple to complex. Always, Plan, prioritize, and execute the tasks. Unclear plans will take more of your time to sort things out first followed by executing the task.

For instance, you may have some tasks in hand. Few may require less time while others can consume your whole day. Decide what’s going to take your time and what takes less of your time. From them, pick ones that are important and have to be done sooner. This clarity saves time and effort for you.

Prioritizing your task is another way of managing your time. It saves the wastage of time largely. As a result, you will be motivated to do more. Productivity is thereby increased largely.

13. Distractions are ‘No’

I understand how difficult it is to sit and do the work in the same place for a while. We distract ourselves now and then. We tend to move back and forth between tasks without accomplishing much.

It is said that we spend a considerable amount of time towards distractions at the end of each day. It may seem like a little break, but the clock might have ticked far off.

We have another category of distractions these days. They are different from usual distractions which are correlated with people around. This particular distraction needs no one or nothing but oneself. They are Social Media.

If you closely, these distractions will be engaging. They don’t seem like a distraction to us at all. That’s why we don’t clock the time. Even if we know it’s already time, we spend a few more minutes in it. It feels good to wander off from work and spend it on the social media sphere.

Social media distractions are worse than the normal distractions these days. It is indeed the biggest distraction being faced hindering the productivity of people everywhere. Make sure, you get out with spending less time. Don’t immerse yourself.

Distractions are everywhere. Yet, people achieve amidst all things that sidetrack them. Another secret to insane productivity is in ‘staying focused’ with ‘bare-minimum to no’ distractions while working.

14. One thing at a Time

I don’t think multitasking increases productivity all the time. Not everyone can handle multiple tasks at the same time and give the same level of output in all. The outcome of multitasking depends upon individuals.

Multi-tasking can be good but not always. Even with multi-tasking, you will be forced to prioritize. Else, you may be unable to get productive results. Meanwhile, everyone can focus on one thing at a time. It’s easy and doable. Those who stay focused on a single task tend to be more productive and get things done quicker.

Highly productive people concentrate on one thing at a time. They spend all their time, skill, and efforts towards perfecting it. Finally, they achieve their results. It’s one technique that we need to take from them to shoot our productivity level easily.

15. Less Productive days are Okay too

Don’t go hard on yourself when it comes to productivity. Super productive people do chill and do nothing. They have days where there will be no plans, no tasks, and no commitments. They are okay when they are not productive. They accept it.

We’re all humans. We cannot always stay sharp, focused, and productive all the time. This is the life we are talking about. There are always ups and downs. Go easy when you feel like doing nothing. Less productive days happen too.

16. Take care of your Mind, Body, and Emotions

Your mind, body, soul, and emotions indeed play a vital role in increasing your productivity levels. Productivity is not just planning, prioritizing, skills, and talents. A healthy mind, body, and emotions are essential for super productivity from you. The next thing is, a happy soul enables peak productivity.

Don’t waste time with all the negativities. Do things that you like and your soul becomes incredibly happy. In turn, you will stay triggered all the time when it comes to productivity. People who we admire for their incredible productivity are those who love what they do.

17. Review yourself Periodically

We don’t want to look all frown face in the end after all the efforts we put in. Review yourself periodically. Make sure you are going in the right direction. Not just that. Review yourself periodically to know what are the good, the bad, the mistakes, and the corrections.

One more secret to insane productivity is periodic Retrospection and Improvisation. Every successful person out there has this one thing in common.

18. Be an Original

The best-kept secret to date for incredible productivity is in being ‘yourself’. It’s about being an original despite the flaws and perfections. You work well when you know yourself well. It’s this simple logic that keeps truly productive people on board of success.

In no particular order or preference or hierarchy, we have shared here 18 tips and techniques to reach astonishing levels of productivity in you. We hope you can highly relate all these with you every day. We want that too. We want you to make sure you correlate with what we shared here regarding productivity.

Feel free to pick what suits you the best.


3. Why you should not Equate Self-Worth to Productivity?

The ones who are not productive are not bad ones or unskilled ones. It’s one of the bad impressions that are hanging around when it comes to people’s productivity. Don’t equate bad productivity to self-worth. It’s the worst you can do to yourself.

Being productive is a highly intrinsic positive feeling. That’s the true secret behind insane productivity. As long as people do what they like and do it their way, they are highly productive. Results, task-completions, goal achievements, or target completions are not the main scale for productivity.

You are productive when you are happy. For being happy, do things that you ‘love’ doing. Do it your way. Next time, don’t worry if you don’t get the results. Productivity is not just that. Stay happy. Live and let live. Your Ability to be fundamentally good is what’s more important than others.


In summary:

The true secret to insane productivity levels comes from doing things that you like. Besides, we have tried to cover everything related to increasing productivity levels with you all in this article.

Keep in mind 4 things here. They are:

  • First, Identify what you want to do
  • Second, Plan how you are going to do it
  • Third, Be clear in what you want in the end
  • Fourth, Stay focused on it.

Fix these 4 strategies and your productivity levels will be insane!

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