Weaknesses don't exist: Learn how to find your strength in the weaknesses

Weaknesses don't exist: Learn how to find your strength in the weaknesses


Take a minute, and think, if I ask you to define your strength and weaknesses, would your be able to do that? I believe you will do that. But, still, the result won't be satisfying.

For research, some group of people was asked to list down the strength and weaknesses of their friends according to them, they have. The study observed that they made a list where the strength column was entire, and the weaknesses column had hardly two to three factors.

In the second attempt, the same group of people was asked to list down the strengths and weaknesses they have according to them, and the result was shocking. It was observed that, in this case, the number was flipped. Weaknesses had a higher score than the strength.

According to you, what is the conclusion of the research?

I would say it is clear that people underestimate themselves than others. The feeling of "I can't do it" makes them feel underconfident.

The strength and weaknesses are all the parts of human psychology that they need to know about.

Before starting with discussing the strength and weaknesses you have, I would like you, please do the same exercise with yourself to see what result you get.

Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power. Lao Tzu

So, this article is going to be very interesting. That, I'm going to tell you, how your weaknesses are actually your strengths. And you are unaware of this fact. So, be with me throughout the article. And, here I go-

What is meant by strength?

If the strengths are to be defined, then it would be; your ability to do something. The qualities that make you feel confident and self-aware are your strength. But, you can't say your strength is only those good qualities you have.

Strength can also be defined as your way of thinking, feel, behave, react to the situation, etc. Everyone has a distinct personality. Their ways of dealing with any condition are different. Thus, we say everyone has different strengths.

Well, generally, strengths refer to the physical ability to do a heavyweight duty. Although, it is not the wrong perception. But, you should be able to distinguish between mental strength and physical strength.

Perhaps, you can make your physical strength and can see it visibly. But, the mental strength, which you are not aware of, needs to be worked hard.

Let me make you understand with an example. If you are grateful to anyone for even a little help they did, gratefulness is your strength. If you quickly feel sorry when you realize your mistake and admit it, this is your strength.

People don't realize it, or they don't know about the qualities they have. As these things are natural, they have, and they don't count them in their strength list. However, this can be why those groups of people couldn't mention their strengths in the list I said above.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. Buddha

What is meant by weakness?

Let's move to the weaknesses part, that you think you are master at.

What would be the weaknesses? If talking about physical weakness, you cannot do something heavy work physically, which is so simple to understand. And you can work on it to be better at it.

Then, what would be the mental weakness? Weaknesses are not something that you don't have. But, it is something one of your strength you are lag behind.

Psychology believes weakness can be converted into strength after working on it, as weaknesses are not that area you can not work on, and you regain it as a strength.

Our psychology gives the preference to trauma, stress, pain, depression in terms of mental weaknesses. But the theory of mental defects is a lot behind these words.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. Bob Marley

List of strengths and weaknesses

Let's try to understand the strength and weaknesses in absolute terms. I know you will find almost every within you. And you were unaware of it.


Here is the list of mental strength:






Love of learning








Social intelligence















Religiousness or Spirituality

Appreciation of excellence and beauty

So, what points did you find the same in your list you made? You have to find the most of the strength within you.

Well, this is the main thing you need to focus on. When you understood the meaning of strength, you can say you have more strengths than weaknesses.

More than three years of study, experts concluded that the strength might look like the qualities mentioned above. They are implied as to the character's strength. Also, they say,

Every 24 strengths are present in every individual.

Every strength is noticeable in every human.

Psychology says everyone can't be the same strength in the same domain. Someone may be work strong in one quality, while others may be in another. And, it is the rule.

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Have a look at the weaknesses:


Easily bored



Not taking criticism well


Takes things personally

Focussing too much on details, etc.

What did you notice? Isn't it looks like it; if you could work on it and sharpen these qualities, it can turn to the strengths or work in favor of you?

That's what I'm trying to say. Weaknesses are nothing but your perceptions looking towards it. And, they are the strengths you are lower in.

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. Marcus Aurelius

What are your greatest strengths?

Let's try to understand it from the interview perspective.

Let me say, when HR asks you, Tell me about your greatest strengths?

How would you answer this question? As, according to you, you hardly good at two or three things. Whereas you are best at your place, and no one can do what you can do.

So, let's take one strength from the above list of 24; creativity.

You can say my most significant strength is creativity. I'm very creative at my work. I always keep looking for opportunities where I get a chance to explore things in new ways. Like, being a content writer at your company, I know I will have to think creatively. So that my words can keep the readers engaging on your website.

Instead of this, you have a chance to give some time to yourself and find out what is the best thing about you, that you can give your job best, Such as discipline, trustworthiness, dedication, patient, enthusiasm, and so on.

The more you care, the stronger you can be. Jim Rohn

What are your most significant weaknesses?

Let's see the weaknesses with the same intention.

Tell me your greatest weakness?

Even if HR asks you to answer your weakness, no one would suggest you tell them you are lazy, and you are short-tempered, you are impatient, and so on. Instead, everyone means you mention your strength as your weakness. Let's see how?

My greatest weakness is, I can't handle time-wasting people and can't say no to those who seek help. Whenever I see anyone not prioritizing the work and ignoring their duties, I can not overlook their behavior. Also, even if I'm so busy with my work, if someone approved me to help them, I can't stop myself from helping them.

See, this is my point. Even if I tried to explain to you from the interview point of view, you don't have any weaknesses. You only lag in some plus points you have. And it would help if you worked on them.

Fools give up fast. Strong men persevere. The wise keep going forever. Maxime Lagacé

How to find your strength?

There is no doubt; you are filled with qualities. No one is as strong as you are. And no one can beat you in your area. This is the reality. But, they are not aware of this truth. So, why not trying to find out your strengths. Let's discuss some ways to find out your power.

Avoid Interview streñgth

Whenever you type how to find my strength on the search engine, it will indeed recommend you to find the strengths of workplaces, which you are not recently looking for.

It would help if you found your core strength to help you live life happily with confidence. It would help if you focused on your psychological resilience.

Here I have listed a few ways to find out your strength. So, go through it.

There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up. Booker T. Washington

Know the time when you felt energized

When I'm saying energized, I mean emotionally full of energy. I'm not speaking about the workplace times or an answer that was given during the interview; I was hoping you could think about that time when you feel excited, felt like you live the day, and happy. When you are in search of your strength, ask yourself these three questions.

1.) What makes you feel Energetic?

Try to remember the time that made you feel excited about doing the same thing. The feeling may feel like smiling from the heart, increased heart rate, etc. You feel like living today's day entirely. This way, it will help you to know what you think and what you are. This question will help you see the strength you never appreciated, as you didn't know about it.

2.) When you lose all track of time?

This second question is compelling that will help you to get to your strength. Ask yourself what time you didn't feel like passing, even though it was a considerable span.

A famous psychologist gave this state a vocabulary, flow state.

The flow refers to a mental energizer, where you are engaged and challenged at a precise fraction, which results in increased performance.

That's why, the believe, whenever you consider this emotion, you can find out what kind of behavior gives you immense pleasure.

When you compare those emotions with the list of strengths, you find many matches with them.

3.) What makes you feel discharged, and you don't want to return to them?

Well, this also helps you find out your strengths.

With this question, you are trying to eliminate those factors that you are lower in. By identifying and knowing your weaknesses, you move one step forward to the strength.

Let me say if you sometimes feel like being dishonest, but it doesn't mean you are a liar often. Instead, this method helps you find out that area that drains your energy, which means those are not your strength.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity. Louis Pasteur

Look at your success.

In search of your strength, success can be a helper for you. How? Have a look.

When you achieve something, it means you are so strong in some area. So, if you observe your success journey, you might find those areas that helped you be a winner.

Now, don't only look for those achievements you won the trophy for. But, it can be that pat on your back by the boss, completed targets, so on. Or, it can be a mature behavior in an unpleasant situation, healthy relationship, essential interactions, etc.

The strength refers to your both the life; professional and personal. When you know your success, now consider the most critical part of that success.

Check out the pattern of your success. For example, if you were preparing for any higher exam and was continuously failed, you tried, and next time gets a win, which shows your patience level. And, it was your strength to be the one.

Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. Bruce Lee

Take strength finding tests

well, it may sound something different, but it can work for you. There are several free online contests available through which you can find your strengths. Whereas, you can also go with those tests that less payment.

The benefits of such a teat are, they are not based on anything and are based on psychology research. But, you need to select the valid and reliable great for benefit.

Have a look at some tests:

VIA Survey of Character Strengths

RichardStep Strengths and Weaknesses Aptitude Test


High 5 Test

Strengths Profile

Clifton's Strengthfinder, etc.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Christopher Reeve

Ask for feedbacks

well, sometimes feedbacks can be disappointing, but it will help you indeed. But, remember to react to the feedback with the 3 R's; Receive, Reflect and Respond. And all the actions need to be taken positively.

Ask someone,

What did you do well?

When did you do something best specifically?

These two questions will be so helpful for you at times to figure out your strength.

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again. F. Scott Fitzgerald

How to fix your weaknesses?

People underestimate themselves, resulting in they find more personality flaws rather than strengths. Moreover, they don't know how to deal with their weaknesses and win against them.

Although, if you decide, it is not a tough job to do. And you can quickly deal with it. Let's try to find out how you can fix your weaknesses. Check out the below list.

Know and accept your weakness: If you continuously deny your shortcomings, you can not deal with them. Instead, you should get them and work on improving them.

Look for the Mentor: There is nothing wrong if you go to someone to seek out help. Instead, sometimes it is essential to do that. When you think you can't deal with your weakness, go to the most trusted person in your life. It will help you indeed.

Get ready to accept: The very first step to deal with your weakness is, you need to admit it. It would help if you got prepared for it. Unless and until you do it, you can not step further.

Practice for the skills you are lower in: How can you be best when you don't work on it. Right. If you can't work on your weak area, they can't be turned into a strength.

Help others with the same problem: This may sound fullest. But it can work. Sometimes, you don't find the answers to the questions when you are writing them. But, you get them when you have to help others with the same problem. And the same will happen to you.

Make them your next to-do task: Don't leave weaknesses in midway. Instead, take them as a challenge and start working on it. Could you include them in your to-do list? And tell yourself that you have to do this. And you will do that.

Use strength to overcome weaknesses: Of course, it can work too. Use your powers to deal with your imperfections. And you will see the change soon. This way can be the best option to deal with defects.

Change the way to look at them: Don't look at the weakness as personality flaws but look at it like a challenge you need to accomplish. Change the way to look at it. Be more curious about it. Get the knowledge about it and try to overcome it.

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity. Albert Schweitzer

How to play to your strengths?

Firstly, you need to know what does play to your strength means. The meaning of playing to your strengths is, knowing your ability to do something rather than doing other things. Well, this thing is an essential aspect of positive psychology.

Check out the list below, how to play to your strengths.

Neglect Your Weakness

It is human nature that they care more about their weakness rather than their strengths. They always work to their weaker areas, rather than paying attention to the muscles and working in that way, impacting your performance.

This behavior has two reasons.

As per research, people that their weaknesses are more volatile than their strengths, whereas it is not valid. However, when you pay attention to your strengths, you can feel a profound change in your life. And can focus on your goal.

Another reason would be, you always think you are not good enough at a particular thing. That makes other people criticize you. But, if you work on your strengths to get them better and move towards your success with your power, people your lagging areas.

Take a Personality Test

Well, personality tests can be the best option to know your strengths.

Such tests you to find your strengths. One of the best strength tests is the 16 personality factor questionnaire, where you get the result in four letters.

For example, ENFJ means, Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeler, and Judger.

Try out these ways, and find what your personality type is.

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. Thomas Paine

Tools for measuring your strengths

Can you measure your strength? The answer is yes. You can look at your power, analyze it, and get a conclusion about your muscles.

Well, it sounds pretty different to measure the strength. And, what is the benefit of it? But, when you know, what your power is, it plays a significant role in your achievements and success. Thus, it is so important to know your strengths. It will help you to paint a picture of yourself.

Here I have listed some tools to scale your strengths.

The VIA Character Strengths Inventory

The VIA Character Strengths Inventory is developed by Peterson and Seligman, which is so helpful in measuring the strengths. It is one of the very famous and basic ways to do that.

You may like this technique as a result; it can be so surprising for you; at the same time, it makes you feel enlightened.

This technique consisted of those 24 characters of strengths of the six virtues. In this technique, you need to answer the questionnaire that consisted of a series of statements, and you have to answer them. You will get scores in terms of character strengths.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. Mahatma Gandhi
The Big Five Personality Test

This is another excellent way to measure your strength. This technique is easy and straightforward, that the VIA technique takes around 10 minutes.

This technique also consists of questionnaires to help you with knowing your strength.

Moreover, this technique is free to access, in which the series of statements are provided, and you are asked to rank them from wrong to right sequence, according to you.

Then, you get the result with your Big five personalities from conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, and extraversion.

The 300-Question Personality Traits Inventory

If you wish to go in-depth with your strength test, this one is for you. It is also a questionnaire type of test, which takes around 30 minutes.

This inventory consists of around 300 statements, and you are asked to rank them from inaccurate to accurate sequence as you feel. Then, you get a result in detail telling about your qualities.

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. Oprah Winfrey
The Bottom Line

If you think you are strong, you will feel strong. When you think you are weak at something, you can not deal with the relative situations. Strengths make you feel confident and self-esteemed, whereas weaknesses will make you feel miserable. Although, flaws don't exist until you get them present in your life. And, if you know your weaker areas, you will find ways to turn them into strength, which is essential. I hope the "What are your strengths" article can change your life, and you can change the way looking at your weaknesses.

Failure gave me strength. Pain was my motivation. Michael Jordan

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