9 proven ways to train your brain to be Smarter

9 proven ways to train your brain to be Smarter


Training your brain is when you undergo a sequential set of activities on a regular basis that helps your brain work better. You essentially train your brain so that you keep yourself focused at work and deliver results faster. By training your brain, you also back good memory power compounded by high levels of intelligence for your usage on an ongoing basis.

9 Ways to train your brain

Below is a list of 9 ways in which you can teach your brain to help it learn faster and remember better.

1. Revise the content over and again.

Keep revising and rehearsing, again and again, to memorize for long. You will also be able to instantly recall the information by doing so. Such a technique works pretty well when you have to store the standard formulae or mathematical tables or chemical formulae and so on and so forth of like.

2. Play a lot of brain exercises.

You need to give sufficient time to train your brain in letting it play a varied list of brain-boosting games. Play games like Sudoku or solve puzzles and crosswords etc. Try fixing a Rubik cube. All these games are such that they want you to be completely attentive and stay focused all along till you touch the end and the winning mark.

3. Rest sufficiently. Relax your body.

Your brain works fast and stays alert when you give it sufficient rest. Rest your body intermittently during the day and also let it have a tight overnight sleep. By giving rest to your body, you are in a way giving rest to your brain as well. You are giving time to relax all your sense organs and work at peace.

4. Read a lot and keep reading.

Read a variety of books. Read the same subject books written by various authors. Try to remember the content, highlight the keywords, and spin your own story with these keywords. You will remember such lessons forever. Put yourself into the reading curve and read something every day. Learn something new every day. Let your brain try to remember, recollect, and reproduce them in your daily life.

5. Attend workshops and seminars.

You know clearly that your brain needs to undergo training. When you lack the skills or time to take up the training part yourself, let it get trained by professionals. Attend brainstorming sessions and brain-boosting seminars. Let your brain rub against ideas and newer ideas. You will begin to think from newer perspectives and also learn with new levels of enthusiasm to fasten up things for your own betterment.

6. Accept and face new challenges.

Stop relaxing and confining yourself to your space. Look beyond your skillset. Have the courage to accept new challenges in life. By facing new challenges and obstacles in life, your thought process also sets to change. With new thoughts arise new ideas. This way, your brain will have the zeal to learn new aspects. With a refreshed brain, you tend to learn fast and also retrieve information from your memory equally fast.

7. Be innovative. Think out of the box.

Try to do something different today. Try to pick a new task that you never did before. Without seeking any help, try to work on a simple and yet new task. Let your mind wander about for ideas. Be creative in the way you train your brain.

Make something best out of waste. Do some arts and crafting work. Compose a new dance for your favorite song. Or do anything that rejuvenates you and helps your brain jump into work with greater enthusiasm. Just do all that possible to keep your brain healthy, up, and running.

8. Fuel up your body with nutritious food.

For a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. In fact, both of these are interrelated. Eat protein-rich food and add a sufficient quantity of dry fruits, fruits, and nuts into your daily diet. Also, accommodate your diet with enough of roughage consumed in its natural form.

Keep fueling up your body with a healthy diet every day. When you are physically fit and strong, your body pushes you to do more work. Next, pick up works and do them differently. Now that your body is healthy, it is easy to tune your brain and train it to learn fast.

9. Stay focused and do the same things differently.

Read your favorite book, but upside down. Write your favorite notes from right to left. Revise the alphabet and numbers in reverse order. Recollect information from pictures and imaginations rather than from the book the way it is printed. Try out different ways to do your regular tasks. Your brain will really drive into the learning curve pretty faster than before.

Finally, you do physical workouts to keep your body fit and healthy. In the same way, you also need to exercise your brain by training it regularly. In a nutshell, a healthy diet, brain-boosting games, enough sleep, and less stress are all needed to boost your memory and intellect and to train your brain.

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