10 Ways to Stop Overthinking

10 Ways to Stop Overthinking


Thinking vs. Overthinking

Thinking is the process of reasoning, judging, or understanding a given situation or a specific person. Thinking is when you look up to a problem in arriving at a solution. Whereas, Overthinking is the process of dwelling and digging deep into the problem and thinking overmuch about things that are beyond your purview or control.

Thinking, in general, resembles problem-solving. But if you are overthinking on an area on which you have no control, its time you seriously start working on it and try to get rid of it.

You would probably be loving to lead a life of your choice. But there are certain grey areas that are blocking your path. This is when overthinking occupies the whole of your thinking hat. Overthinking is quite common and distracting in nature. Overthinking further disturbs and spoils our mood and our day.

The problem may not be that scarier as you think. But overthinking draws you to the conclusion that the problem is really big and is further getting bigger with the lapse of time.

10 methods to stop overthinking

I also used to overthink a lot in most of my earlier days. Over a period of time, I deployed good strategies to relieve myself from this. Stated hereunder are a few of those philosophies that have driven away my life from overthinking.

Sure to work for you too. Here are them.

1. Be broad-minded. Think positive. Every action that happens in the universe is for a cause. Do not get into the micro managerial skills and dwell more into the problem and totally burn it down to ashes.

2. Focus your valuable time and energy on something useful. Replace the overthinking hat with your problem-solving skills.

3. When something is really bothering you, then set aside some time to think about it. Once the scheduled time is up, just give up thinking about that anymore. It gives you a lot of relief.

4. Activate your energies from within and do some physical activities or act out your favorite hobbies and distract yourself out of that dwelling space. Work out the areas on how you can uplift your mood. To avoid overthinking, you can alternatively replace it with meditation, yoga, or by offering prayers to god.

5. Overthinking, in a way, spoils your physical fitness apart from disturbing your mental peace. So come out of that and spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy going shopping or having a favorite meal.

6. Read a good book that has a comic sense or is mysterious and yet carries a moral. Get rejuvenated by reading lines and lines of inspirational and motivational quotes or speeches.

7. Realize the fact of life that not everything in this world is under your control. Problematic situations keep coming in and going out. No tough situation stays forever. Situations are bound to change with time.

8. Take plenty of quality sleep. Because when you lack proper sleep, you tend to be more vulnerable to worrying and thinking pessimistically.

9. Share your burning concerns with your one best friend in life, whom you rely at all times upon. You may not be able to arrive at a consensus or tackle the problem. But yes, freaking out time with your best buddy will surely change your mind and distract you from all odds.

10. Listen to music. Music has the ability to drastically drift moods. Music can take you into an altogether different world. For sure, you will stop overthinking and even just thinking and worrying about the problem in the first place.

Overall to summarize, overthinking can be halted if you keep yourself busy all the time with your daily actionable in life. Pack and fit yourself in a schedule in such a way that you actually start forgetting about things that are worrying you overmuch. Problems are part of life. This is when you have to reflect on your self-discipline and get rid of overthinking.

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