6 ways to start thinking positively and change your life

6 ways to start thinking positively and change your life


Positivity is when you practice being optimistic in your attitude. You think positive when your mental state of mind expects good and favorable results. By thinking positively, you are actually waiting for good health and happiness to knock on your door.

Always think positively for the benefit of your mental and physically healthier state. Positive thoughts suppress your negative feelings by killing your stress, causing emotions and hormones. Thinking positively certainly casts change in your life towards betterment.

When you attempt to change your life for the better, the first thing that you will probably focus on is your behavior. It is a general human tendency that if you can change the approach of work by considering things from positive perspectives, then you see better results. And this formula does really work.

You can find below 6 such ways in which you can start thinking positively and change your life.

  1. Understand that your actions and behaviors are the results of your thoughts. So, fix the ownership and responsibility for your thoughts. The mind is one small area where thousands of thoughts spin around every day. These thoughts can come from anywhere to nowhere. Eighty percent of what you think today are those that you already thought of yesterday. So, have control over your thought process. Don’t just let any kind of thought come your way for no reason. Because this thought can repeat over for a couple of as long as 21 days unless you don’t try to curb it down. It is, therefore, important to keep your mind under your total control.
  1. You are surrounded by a large audience all the time. Don’t just entertain anybody coming your way. Because you have people of all attitudes around, both positive and negative. By spending time or sharing a talk with negative minded people, you tend to pull down the positive attitude in you. So, don’t fall for emotions, influences, and anxiety. Think for yourself. Continue to sustain the positive mindset of you.
  1. Make it a habit to write a diary note every night before you take off to bed. Documenting your important activities, events, and money matters today throws a significant impact on your lifestyle tomorrow. By writing down and reviewing your events, you are actually reviewing your own behavior that you exhibited during the day. You will be able to clearly understand where things went wrong and how you can fix them without casting a shadow effect on your tomorrow. Journalizing helps you think positively and motivate you to change for the better.
  1. Your past gives you a couple of learnings in life. Envisioning your future probes you for upgrading your better self. The present is what you can rock on. Give your best. Live in the moment as if it were the last moment in life. See things from an opportunist and an optimistic perspective. Bridge the gap between your learnings and efforts to upgrading yourself. A better version of you is sure to materialize.
  1. You can think of changing your life, only if you feel happy. And to gain happiness in life, you have to stay fit with a positive mindset. And to stay mentally fit, you need to repeatedly keep doing things that inspire you with joy. Have your favorite food, dress up in your favorite style, follow your favorite hobby, or talk to your loved ones. When your thoughts are focused on joy, you will automatically strengthen your thoughts aspiring for fruitful results coming your way.
  1. Set aside time in your calendar and schedule this time for all your worries in life. If you think you have more worries in life that keep troubling you all along, just fix a meeting with your worries. In the 24 hours of your day, spend one whole hour with yourself, thinking about your worries. Try to find reasons why your worries are worrying you and then establish strategies to seize them. And never look back after that one hour until tomorrow. You will be left with 23 hours in your day now. Confine yourself and commit towards being positive in these left out hours. You will certainly build up on your positivity levels and ultimately take a turn around to uplift your life towards success.

Eventually, if you think positively, you will improve on both your physical and mental health. Thinking positively also boosts your vibrations and makes you more capable of exhibiting the things you want to in life. But since it is easy said than done, you need to identify smart ways to experience and expertise positive thinking. So, first, believe in yourself that you can do something, if not everything you want to. Your chances of success and change for betterment are sure to follow you in no time.

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    Positivity is the main foundation for a balanced life. To think positive is equivalent to being positive. Therefore, we must take the lead for ourselves to think positive. To make this happen, this post is presented before you. It is a guide that introduces you to 6 ways to think positive. So, these are the 6 most effective ways to think positive.


    Challenges are crucial aspects of life. Many have their perception of challenges. There are two categories of people. Some try to hide and run, while others welcome obstacles from all their heart. The second category of people survives in most cases. They have no hesitation in their plans and work. There is another sect who needs an adrenaline rush. But those people are very rare. Similarly, you must not have any hesitation towards the difficulties in your heart. Having this quality will lubricate your life, making it smoother than ever. This is because the practical synonym of life is obstacles. So, be ready to welcome challenges.


    Music has healing properties. This was a common superstition long ago. Now, there is enough scientific evidence to prove the validity. So, grab your headphones and turn the volume up. This will keeps you engaged for an extended period. It will gradually decrease your stress levels effectively. There is a type of therapy called, ‘The Musical therapy.’ Researchers have predicted the future of this medical industry to be very bright. That is why there will be a gentle music playing in the background of some spas. Selecting the genre according to your mood will give you extra benefits. Listen to some refreshing tunes in the mourning to boost your day. So, listen to music, and make it a part of your lifestyle.


    It is very important about how you spend your time. As we all know, time and tide waits for none. This statement is valid for every being in this universe. If you spend most of your time in unproductive works like gossiping, you'll be in loss. Moreover, it is also important with whom you spend your time. If successful people are your inspiration, you’re lucky. Therefore, always try to spend quality time with selected ones. Having bad influencers can affect you, and your relationships. Thus, it would be wise if you keep yourself from such sects of people. So, spend your valuable time with jolly people.


    There is an element of humor in every human being. Although at times, we get angry. But, that doesn't happen all the time. To prevent that, we must crack a little bit of jokes. When we are introduced to our humor self, life is fun. Many studies reveal that comedians face very little depression. This is because they are immune to anxiety and stress. When you will be more associated with humor, you'll be the same. However, it is important to know how to crack jokes. To make this habit more effective, there is a trick. Always crack jokes upon your failures or obstacles. On doing this, your life will be less competitive. This will ease your lifestyle to be more simplistic than ever. Therefore, always formulate the habit of cracking jokes.


    Your manners are a domain of your identity. They reflect your inner self clearly like a mirror. It symbolizes your thoughts, and perceptions of your mind. Therefore, to be positive, we must behave positively. For this reason, moral science is taught in many schools. Many storybooks will strengthen your ethics. The main foe of your manners is your anger. Your anger pollutes your mind by disrupting its clarity. This is why we mustn't take decisions out of anger. To develop positive thinking, it's important to manage anger. Whenever you are angry, take a deep breath and smile. Gradually, this will make you to be more self-controlled and positive. Therefore, make your morals as rock-solid to be positive.


    A helping hand is very rare these days. So, be one in a million, helping others. There are several benefits of helping others. It is perhaps the most important pillar of morality. You will experience a sense of self-relaxation after helping in need. This will elevate your status in front of you. In turn, you will be overflowed with positivity. Such a feeling will encourage you to indulge more in helping. The whole process of this moral conduct works as a chain. After you help the one in need, he’ll gratefully thank you. After a period, he will realize the essence of helping. Therefore, the next time someone is in need, he’ll help too. Like this, the positivity will induce from person to person. So, don't ask for anything in return. Just instruct him to help more people. Besides being positive, you'll spread it.


    In life, you will never get a shortage of problems. Moving in life's stages, you'll have to encounter them anyway. All you have to manage is your reaction towards failure. Failure can destroy your positivity to pieces. It is merely difficult to regain your positivity back. Therefore, we must undergo an assessment to make things easier. Make a list of the problems you faced and failed. Try to recall the situation you were in my thoughts. This is help you regain your positivity by making you mentally prepared. You can also try by creating problems. However, creating problems need more intellect than making them. Create the situations and make yourself as the protagonist. Then, try to assess them serially by proper numbering. This you help you defend your positivity from problems.


    Self-confidence and positivity go hand-in-hand. If you are successful in maintaining self-confidence, you'll be positive. Faith and hope are also key features for your positivity. These two factors are like torches that will guide you in your path. Once faith and hope are dismissed, your positivity will collapse. Therefore, try your best to preserve these two assets. Many claim different ways to remain positive. On the contrary, only a few seem to work. So, after immense research, these 7 effective ways are highlighted. Try to abide by these and gain positivity.

  • vaishali
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    1. Everything starts with you:

    The way you treat others starts with how you treat yourself. The way you show compassion and kindness starts from how you show self-compassion. You can experience good things in life when you feel grateful from the inside. The list goes on. The point here is, there are lots of ways that will tell you how to be more positive. But, unless you start bringing positivity inside yourself, nothing will work out.

    Everything starts with you. If you want to become a positive person, start from yourself. Don’t look for external sources.

    2. Live the Moment

    In the grand scheme of what will happen next, we completely forget to notice and enjoy present happiness. Memories of the past and uncertainty of the future are the reality we have to accept. The only thing you have is your 'present'.

    Your “present” is the best opportunity for you to start thinking positively and change your life for good.

    The present is the truth we have right now. So, live it. Your present is the best way to start what you always wanted to start.

    3. Healthy Life = Healthy Mind

    Positivity is not only about thoughts and intentions. How you live your life matters too. Reality is, our thoughts and health are interconnected to each other.

    There is a saying that goes like this.

    “To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha.

    Our mind and body are not separate. Have you noticed how by thinking positively your body copes wonderfully despite troubles?

    Noticed how negative thoughts affect your sleep, appetite, stress levels, focus?

    So, how to stay positive here?

    The first change you need is healthy food intake. The second important thing is your fitness. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes daily for a walk, yoga/meditation, stretch, workout, etc. Good food and good physical fitness are crucial for keeping your brain active and healthy.

    Remember, Healthy Life = Healthy Mind.

    4. Self-Improvement:

    Self-improvement is by far the best way to start thinking positively to transform your life. You cannot control the world but you can control yourself.

    Your self-improvement starts from the tiny basics of your life. Don’t agree with it? Here’s an example. How do you feel when you clean your room and How do you feel when you don’t care about your room? How do you feel when you smile often? Noticed how good you become when you give to others? How much time do you save by waking up early? How good your life becomes when you take care of your health? These are every day self-improvements that impacts your life.

    Do you feel like you need to improve your studies, job, hobbies, anger-management, skills, money, character-traits, etc.? Then work on it. The world around you will become productive, fruitful, and successful for you.

    There is no point in comparing and contrasting your life with others. Improve yourself.

    5. Be the Change you wish to see – MK Gandhi:

    If you want the world to be good, start by being good. If you want to become positive, start with you. If you expect loyalty and honesty, become loyal and honest first. If you want your place to be peaceful, don’t bring any negativity from your side. If you expect people to show care and affection, be the first to show it.

    Be the change you want to see in your life.

    6. Worrying takes you Nowhere:

    If you are a fan of JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts series, you probably have heard these wonderful words “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”

    This is the absolute reality. Worrying deprives every good you have collected so far in your life.

    When life hits you with troubles, instead of worrying, do things you like. When your mind subsides with stress, an alternative solution will come to you. Instead, if you keep worrying over what happened or what will happen, life becomes hard.


    These 6 ways will give you a wonderful perspective on how to start thinking positively in life. Remember, Positivity is important. At the same time, reality is important. Don’t be over-consumed by the positivity that you don’t know what’s real anymore. Accept the reality which is a mixed bag of happiness, success, failures, and challenges. Apply your positivity there.

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