7 ways to release negative thoughts

7 ways to release negative thoughts


Negative thoughts are that thought process where you tend to incline yourself towards happening of negativity all the time. You foresee failure at work. You expect things to go worse. You feel the worst happening ever. Your mind is totally crowded with undesirable, adverse and harmful thoughts all around. You tend to exhibit them in your emotions, expressions, and actions.

You have understood that by surrounding yourself in and out with all negative forces, you are sure to corner yourself into depression. A negative mindset in your results in impacting your physical and physiological health. It upsets your total well-being. It also hampers your ambiance and effects your relationships.

7 ways are described below. Use them to release the negative thoughts in you. Become more positive in life for releasing a better version of yourself to the world.

  1. Try to find the underlying “good” in the bad that you see.

Behind every happening, there is a reason. Don’t jump into conclusions or make the basis of your own assumptions the little bit of information you have in hand. Understand that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Be empathetic. Look at things from the others’ perspective. Without educating yourself with the underlying reasons, you are prone to release the negativity in you. Therefore, first, study the situation better.

  1. Shift your focus to something that interests you.

When negative sensations wander in your mind, it is always the right choice that you shift your attention to something else. Shift your focal point to something that really interests you. You can think of the good times that you experience. You can think of watching a fun-filled movie or a television show. You can think of reading a comic book.

  1. Pen down your imaginations to paper.

Make a drawing driving thoughts from your visions and creativities. Look at the sky and stare at nature. Put them all on to a drawing sheet. Confine your imagination and innovation into pencil art. By the time to end up finishing the drawing, the negative thoughts in your mind would have already left the space from your mind.

  1. Put yourself scheduled from dawn to dusk.

Keep yourself so very occupied that you cannot give time for any other thought, positive or negative to pitch in, while at work. Engross yourself back to back with works that you ought to do and with works that interest you. Set timelines for each activity and pay your complete attention and dedication towards that task. While in breaks as well, refresh your mind and body by grabbing a favorite snack or drink. But do not let your mind crawl back into the deep dark negativities.

  1. Write the negative aspects of running in your mind.

When you foresee something bad is likely to happen, or when you guess that some effort of yours is going to fail, then write it on paper. Write as many negative thoughts as you can. Along with the text, also draw a picture against each of these. Spend time to shift all your pessimistic thoughts and imaginations from mind to paper. Think of what else you foresee negative to happen in your way. Jot all of these down. And once you are done transferring these from mind to paper, just burn the paper out. Witness it burning. Along with the fumes and flames, you also let your negative thoughts dust away into the unseen world.

  1. Put yourself into the spiritual curve.

Offer prayers to the god you trust most. Chant mantras for good. Incline yourself towards spirituality. Shed out all that is running in your mind in front of god. Spend time mindfully at least for a quarter of an hour. As you keep doing this, your negative thoughts are automatically released from your mind one after another.

  1. Finish it off by sharing and give it a full stop.

Share your cynical and gloomy thoughts with your favorite buddy. Your favorite buddy could be anyone from your family, friends, colleagues, pets, ancestors, or any other model that motivates you and supports you. By sharing, you let go away the adverse thoughts that keep haunting you.

Accept the fact of life. Life comes with a package of both positive and negative energies. If you imbibe negative energies, you tend to experience more stress and sickness. You also fail to grab the opportunities that can make your life. You tend to limit your potential and your strengths also weaken.

Therefore, mold yourself to being positive and thinking positive. You will make the right decisions and choose the right direction in life. You feel lighter on emotions and turn almost every odd circumstance towards your favor. You no longer suffer in pain. Rather, you sail in success.

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    In reality, there are no positive or negative thoughts. There are only thoughts. We classify positivity and negativity based on our comforts. Thoughts are just a figment of our imagination. It is the information we achieved by our senses. But, at times, they may cause a disturbance in our works. Therefore, here are some effective ways to get rid of negative thoughts.


    There is a saying: "An empty mind is a devil's workshop." Well, this is true, and there is evidence to prove its rationality. If you sit idle for many hours, your thoughts will be impure. However, you also have to rest during your resting hours. If you engaged in work, the mind would focus only on a particular subject. Like this, you can overcome negative thoughts. Therefore, never sit idle on your working hours.


    There is only one person with whom you can rely on, and that's yourself. With self-confidence comes self-reliance. Why rely on others, if you are capable? If you are self-confident, you will be benefited in many ways. A sense of self-respect will be developed within you. This will won't allow any negative thoughts to hamper your life. You may think, how can I become self-confident? Well, the answer is simple. Never rely on others for your tasks.


    Sometimes, it is better to plan your thoughts. There is a systematic way to approach this. First, imagine yourself trapped in that negative thought. Then, think about all the possible solutions to that problem. Doing this will form the necessary courage inside you. In turn, this courage will cause self-confidence to grow. Eventually, all your negative thoughts will tend to disappear. Therefore, find the solution and keep calm.


    Love is a sweet happening that has the potential to change our lifestyle. Unfortunately, the real meaning of love is often misunderstood. You can love anyone and anything. Love your family, friends, without any expectations. Love is probably the best feeling in the entire universe. It will chase your negative thoughts in no time. Without love, life will be a colorless place of misery for you. Therefore, it is very important to make space for this feeling.


    This is a don't tip that you must abide to stop negative thoughts. Don't mistake love to be an attachment. Attachment is a different way of feeling for things. However, love is not a feeling. Having more attachments will invite more negative thoughts. This is because you are possessive about that subject. You will think about all the possible negative ideas that will hamper your personality. Therefore, don't have any material attachments.


    Without any doubt, a negative thought is a serious problem. Many individuals are facing this problem. But, there is a solution to every problem. In this post, 5 effective solutions will help you fight negative thoughts. To make this happen, you must follow the tips with dedication. You'll surely be able to overcome all negative thoughts.

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